Empower Yourself- tiny changes mean huge results

Motivational speaker and international best-selling author of books such as Unlimited Power- The New Science of Personal Achievement and Awaken the Giant within – Tony Robbins discusses how making the tiniest changes can yield huge results.

These changes that Tony discusses, is in relation  to the way we view things, a shift in our thinking and in making this shift it literally changes our world.

Tony speaks about how incantations (not to be confused with affirmations) are so much more effective because we not only speak it but embody it with all the intensity we have.  Doing this repeatedly allows it to stick in your head. 

Tony’s philosophy is:  ” if you don’t change your physiology you won’t change anything”.

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That Silent Place

Two of the most influential writers and speakers of my time, and who have inspired my life is Dr Deepak Chopra and Dr Wayne Dyer.     I had the absolute privilege of attending a seminar in Sydney some 20 years ago now and this was the beginning of the rest of my life.  So profoundly moved was I for having heard them both speak, that I walked out of the seminar transformed.  I cannot  describe it any other way.

One of  my more  favourite books that Dr Chopra wrote  is ” Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”.  In the chapter The Law of Pure Potentiality, Dr Chopra suggest practicing silence periodically to experience this Law of Pure Potentiality.  He offers meditation, ideally 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening to experience this field of pure silence and pure awareness.  This is where he says ” is the field of infinite correlations, the field of infinite organizing power, the ultimate ground of creation where everything is inseparably connected with everything else”.

It is through meditation, going within to find this silent space, a space that Dr W Dyer also refers to it as ‘the gap’- that place between thoughts that you will find absolute bliss and connection with our source.  In the Bible it is expressed as: ” Be still, and know that I am God” .

It’s in that silent space between your thoughts that  we find stillness and we tap into our creativity.  However Dr Chopra suggests that in order to find that connection to the field of pure potentiality we need to practice non-judgement.  this is where we are constantly judging things as right or wrong or good or bad.  This creates what Dr Chopra calls ” internal dialogue”.

Dr Wayne Dyer also peaks about meditating and its purpose is to get into the gap where we enter that sacred space that we know as the unlimited power of our Source- the place that takes us to “that awareness”.

In his book  Getting In the Gap Dr Dyer says ” meditating is a way of quieting our chatterbox thoughts and swimming below the surface.  This is where we can be still and know God”.  He mentions that we have about 60,000 thoughts every day so it would be almost impossible to find that space between our thoughts    ‘the gap’ during our waking hours.  So in order to find that silent space – the gap – to connect to our Source- to find the “place of pure potentiality” as Dr Chopra puts it or “the gap that the magic and the infinite possibilites await us” as Dr Dyer writes, we must learn to meditate. 

It is through the practice of meditation that takes us to that ‘gap’ between our thoughts to make conscious contact with our Source  that we find God.