The Power of Prayer

The terms  ” power of prayer” and the “power of thought” are so closely linked that the interpretation is identical.  Prayer actually deals with the mind or the ‘changing of the mind or thought patterns’

We often turn to prayer to calm, uplift and renew us.  Hence this means it affects our thinking.  When we change our thinking we change our world.

 Prayer releases the highest form of energy in the universe, as it links you with a God energy, which is your source”.

“When you pray, you stir into action an atomic force.  You release a potent spiritual vibration that can be released in no other way.  Through prayer you unleash a God energy within and around you that gets busy working for you and through you, producing right attitudes, reactions and results.  It is your prayers that recognize and release that God power.”  ( The Dynamic Laws of Prayer by Catherine Ponder).

As a young girl I learned about the power of prayer from a group of nuns whom I frequented every second weekend or so for many many years.  I spent long periods of time in prayer in the chapel of the convent I visited and it was there that I began to appreciate and understand that one did not approach prayer as a way of ‘pleading with God for something we desperately needed and wanted in our lives’, but as a way to make conscious contact with God.

How often have you seen movies where one came to crossroads in their lives and went down on bended knee and cried out ” God, I know I never come to you for anything but if you grant me this one little thing I promise I will never bother you again”.  That is prayer?

That is a desperate attempt nothing short of grabbing at a straw and hoping ( though secretly doubting).

Prayer should not be our ” last resort’ when all else has failed.  Through prayer we connect to the God within.  When we turn to praying as our first option on every occasion we learn to become proficient in communicating with our Source.  As we look within, quiet the mind, body and emotions, it changes our energy or vibrational frequency thus attracting to us   ideas, inspiration and solutions to problems that we would not have otherwise thought of if we had turned within.

” Through prayer, you tap the operation of higher laws of supreme mind and spirit.” ” Your imprisoned thoughts and pent-up negative emotions go free and dissolve, as a higher energy floods your being and your world.” ( The Dynamic Laws of Prayer by Catherine Ponder).

There are so many ways to approach prayer: meditation, relaxation, affirmations, through periods of silence and more.  Because we are all so unique one method of praying does not fit all.  However the end result is what we want right?

Catherine Ponder was one of the first authors to influence and help change my own thinking.  She is considered one of America’s foremost inspirational authors and is a minister of the nondenominational Unity faith – long known as ‘the pioneer of positive thinking”.  She has been described by some as the ‘Norman Vincent Peale among lady ministers”.

After reading Catherine Ponder’s book  The Dynamic Laws of Prayer , you will not longer consider prayer as a dull practise.

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Formula for Creating Wealth


The very fact that you  WANT to attract more money, wealth and abundance is the very reason it evades you!  You see WANTING to the brain implies LACK.  And as you will know the feeling of ‘wanting’  is a strong emotion.  This particular emotion is usually one of desperate need.

If you NEED more wealth and abundance, if you WANT more wealth and abundance you will not attract it merely because you want it  because your wanting   is backed with a feeling of URGENCY.  And so the Universe responds to the feelings or vibrations we omit.  And given that all these emotions I have described above come with a sense of LACK – you get more the same! 

 This is The Law of Attraction working.   So what do you need to do?


You need to begin with changing your mindset and attitudes.   You need to change that part of your brain that has become hardwired by your past repeated thoughts.  And this can be uncomfortable because we are a species that love structure.  To change then will require us to relinquish old thought and behaviour patterns and responses.

To change you will need to undo and break old thought habits, releasing that which no longer serves you.  Having said that you also need to REPLACE the old thought patterns with new ones. 

This is where affirmations or declarations as they have often been referred to work.  Your affirmations need to be statements that resonate within you an ‘absolute belief’ that it IS and not just words you utter parrot fashioned in the ‘hope’ that the Universe will hear you.  The Universe does hear you ALL THE TIME! 

Affirmations need to be specific because the Universe loves DETAIL!  The more details the better! And the clearer you are the easier it will be for the Universe to deliver.

Keep your affirmations in the PRESENT TENSE.  That is affirm in the NOW, not in the future tense such as:

  • I will,
  • I want,
  • I attract or draw into my life etc.

 Rather, start your affirmations by saying:

  • I am gratefulfor the wonderful love relationship I have with my partner or,
  • I am so happy that I am NOW making $250,000 per year.

Do your affimrations on a daily basis.  Write a few that suit your purpose and have them where you can see them.  Have them by your bedside in a frame.   Laminate them and cut out so that you can place them in your handbag, wallet, in your car, on your desk, in your study, on the fridge door and anywhere else that you can think of. 

You don’t necessarily need to repeat them over and over again, but you need to be consistent until you replace the old thoughts that have created lack for you in the past, with the new thoughts that will bring into your life the very things you are affimring.

Empowerment Through Our Thoughts

The journey toward self-empowerment is never easy. It is a journey that demands you work on yourself rather than expecting others to change.
When I walked out of a hospital where I had spent six weeks in recovering from what was medically termed ‘ a nervous breakdown’, however this was nothing short of the begining of my metamorphosis.   Nothing in my world around me had changed. Nothing changed except ME.

Changing from within is part of the self-empowerment journey. Your thought patterns have a tremendous impact on your life, especially negative thoughts.
It is the negative though patterns that we cling to that create our outer experiences. though we may not intentionally draw unfavourable conditions into our lives, we do so through our negative thoughts.

but in order to appreciate this fully we need to understand the functions of the conscious and subconscious minds. Although I refer to the conscious and subconscious mind, recognize that you do not have two minds. There are two phases or dimensions of ONE mind.

We use our conscious mind when we learn to play an instrument, drive a car, pick up the phone and dial a number. Your conscious mind deliberately chooses what you will eat, judge, do for a living, which movie you will see, etc. When you use your conscious mind you CHOOSE the thoughts you want to think.

Your subconscious mind is the creative phase of the mind. It takes what your conscious mind gives it and turns your thoughts into reality. Our subconscious mind works to call your aspirations, whether positive or negative, into existence. The subconscious mind has no power of choice nor does it reason. It simply accepts what your conscious mind present it.

Whatever you entertain in your conscious mind long enough or vividly enough eventually passes into the subconscious mind where it begins to achieve substance. The subconscious mind keeps your heart beating, keeps you beating and digests your food without effort from the conscious mind. A conscious experience you have today and forget nevertheless passes into your subconscious mind. Every experience in your life is stored in your subconscious even though you may never consciously recall it.

So how do we change this? reverse it so to speak? How do we control the negative thoughts? And what of the thoughts that pass us so quickly that we are not consciously aware of?

1. You can teach yourself to not give utterance to anything negative. Begin by watching what you say. Be an observer if you can and notice what you talk about. Eliminate negative speech. So often we are draw into discussion about hard economic times, tragic weather, disastrous world occurrences, another person’s misadventures or misfortune. In so doing, we lay foundations for similar negative experiences in our life. Discourage these conversations by refusing to be involved.

2. Feed your subconscious mind with positive statement or affirmations. when you get up in the morning, sit quietly alone and affirm only the best for yourself and the day ahead.  Find opportunities throughout the day to repeat your affirmations even silently to yourself- even for just a minute or two. If you tell your subconscious ten times a day for several weeks that “every day things are getting better and better for me now” you will soon begin to see it manifest in your life.

We create what we think!