Tell Me Why – Declan Galbraith

In this song young Declan Galbraith asks the question WHY.  There is a clear message here and one that young children are entitled to ask and adults have a responsibility to answer.

The message here is:

Why is there war and poverty?  And why don’t we help?  Why do we stand back, watch and do nothing?  Why are children having guns placed into their hands and sent off to a war that isn’t theirs?

Why are the children not being taken care of?  Why on earth are we ( the responsible adults) not doing about changing the world? 

Why are children being born into governments that have a self-serving agenda and are not recognising the needs of our children who are our future?

Why are governments spending trillions of dollars on arms and plotting to go to war instead of working on world peace, harmony, equality for all, banishing poverty and starvation and disease?

Why are atrocities such as human child trafficking still in existence?  Why is this allowed? 

Why are we sitting on the couch watching a silly sitcom instead of being pro-active about helping our children change our world?

I too would like to know why???

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An Empowered Woman

Santo and Bree Calarco, father and daughter, tell their story of their mission work with orphans in South Africa. Email; Phone; +61404029822 .

Missionaries Santo and daughter Bree talk about an exceptional woman named Irene Moon, who is in her sixties who heads an orphanage in South Africa -which has no building as such, but takes care of children, the elderly and anyone who needs assistance.  As Santo points out in this very informative video, Irene does not expect handouts but he together with his daughter are working towards giving Irene and the orphanage a ‘hand-up’.   If anyone can help- please contact either Santo or Rochelle at the email above.