Choices – Inspiration and Motivation

Sometimes life throws us curve balls that are unforseen and it is during these times that we can easily lose our faith, hope and passion.    Experience has served to teach us that during these especially challenging times we need to find that which inspires and motivates us.

The the words from Patrick M Power’s Everyday Wisdom  is sure to re-ignite your belief  in your dreams and aspirations.  The underlying message in this video is to believe in your potential and that basically there are only two things that create your dreams:

1.  Your choices

2. Your committment to those choices.

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Happiness – It’s All In Your Mind!

Living a happy, resilient and optimistic life is wonderful, and is also good for your health on all levels.  Being happy protects you from the stresses of daily life.   Stress levels have been clinging in the past century and have doubled since 1985.  It’s the main driver in depression, which is the number one cause of disability world wide. 

Stress related problems include high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue, anxiety attacks, mood swings, depressions, sleep problems, eating disorders, poor immune function, ADHD. colds, flue, viruses, headaches, migraines, alcohol and drug abuse to name some.

One of the better things ever said is – ‘The only thing in life that will always remain the same is change’.  We have the power to make the necessary changes if we so desire.  Even if we find ourselves in an unbearable situation, we can always find comfort in the knowledge that it too can change.

Social networks or relationships are essential to happiness.  People are different so an acceptance for people as they are and for who they are is important.  Avoid clashes, arguments and let go of all kinds of resentments. 

Being  happy is quite easy, just decide  to BE happy.  Abraham Lincoln observed that most people for most of the time can choose how happy or stressed, how relaxed or troubled, how bright or dull their outlook to be.  The choice is simple really- choose to be happy.

Here are a few ways which you can choose to be happy:


We have so much to be thankful for and sometimes we just plain forget it!!   Be grateful for getting to your destination safely.  Be grateful for your food, your job, your salary,  your family, your relatives ( or maybe not?).  Be grateful for your job, your car, your creature comforts, your children, your husband, wife, partner, your health, your clothes, your bank account, your house, the things in your house that make you comfortable, electricity, hot and cold running water, your clothes and the list can go on forever.

News ( especially bad news) is nothing short of stress.  Get less of it!  Some people just can’t start the day off without a dose of the news.  99% of the news we hear is usually bad so starting the day with bad news doesn’t seem like a smart way to start your day.


Time is invaluable and too important to waste.  Time management can be viewed as a list of rules that involves schedules, setting goals, planning, creating a list of things to do and prioritizing.  These are the core basics of time management that should be understood to develop an efficient personal time management skill.

These basic skills can be fine tuned further to include the finer points of each skill that can give you that extra reserve to make the results you desire.


Learn to laugh every day.  Did you know about the power of laughter and its effects on the body?  Here is a list of but a few effects that laughter has on our body.

In the body system the power of laughter effects our energy levels, oxygen levels, heart blood pressure, digestive, reproductive and immune systems. 

The effects on our minds is that it decreases depression, increases memory and restores our ability to reason and make intelligent decisions.  Emotionally laughter causes a positive emotional force that can counter depression and brings about emotions like joy, hope and gratitude.

On a social health level laughter attracts other people and improves social skills, boosts communication skills and people generally are attracted to contagious positive emotions. 


Don’t be afraid to express how your feel, your affections, friendship and passion to people around you.  They will most likely reciprocate your actions.  Avoid keeping pent up anger of frustrations, as this is clearly bad for your health!  Instead find ways of expressing them in a ways that will not cause harm to you or others.


Learning is an amazing experience.  Try to make a point of learning something new everyday.  Learning expands and broadens our horizons.  As well it gives us more opportunities.


Run, jog, walk and do other things that your body was made for.  it will make you feel alive!  Avoid exposure to negative elements like loud noises, toxins and hazardous places.

These are just a few simple things you can do everyday to be happy and it costs you nothing!!

And remember:  “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” – Abraham Lincoln