Plan of Action

How many of us think, wish, dream and ponder upon the kind of life we would like as opposed to the kind of life we have?

Quite often we aspire for a better kind of life.  More money, better health, happy and fulfilling relationships, the opportunity to travel and to be able to afford some of life’s luxuries.  Having aspirations is just the beginning.  However the mere fact that we have an aspiration is not enough.

When we are children we often speak of our desires and aspirations.  We are quite vocal about them and tell our parents and grandparents ” when I grow up, I want to be a teacher or a writer or doctor or a pianist” and for many this dream does not come true.

Why is this so?

As a music teacher I have substantial experience to determine who  from my students will or who will not succeed at become the fine pianist or music teacher that they initially set out to become.


The student who sets goals and works toward them through practical application i.e practise diligently to develop the skills and techniques that are required of them as well as continue to broaden and develop their music knowledge through the study of theory and musicianship, will undoubtedly reach their goal.

However the student who inquires ” what is the minimum I need to practise?” already tells me that their mind is not firmly on their goal.  In fact this student hopes to achieve their goal with the least amount of effort.

The mere fact that one takes piano lessons does not necessarily imply that the student will become an accomplished performer.  No amount of lessons can create this.  It is what the student does with the knowledge that determines his or her outcome.

And so I use this as an illustration for achieving any desired goal in life.  A goal without a plan of action – how to get there so to speak will be of little or no use. 

Let us say for example you want a healthier body.  What are you doing towards improving it?  what steps have you already taken?

One of first and foremost things would be to look at seeking advice from the experts in that field.  Either a nutritionist or if you are not at that point in your life where you could not afford to do this, there is substantial information available at the tips of our fingers through books or a ‘click’ of a mouse.   

The same goes for anything else you are setting your mind to.  Begin with  acquiring the knowledge that will assist you towards your goals. 

Quite simply it is a matter of

  • Deciding on what you want
  • writing out a plan of action ( that is, how you intend to achieve it)
  • And begin to make steps toward your goal ( i.e start by doing whatever it takes to achieve it)

Now more often than not, when you begin to do this you will notice that you set in motion the Law of Attraction.  That is you begin to align to your goal and things begin to move toward you.  Strangers you never met or knew begin to show up in your life and help you move toward your goal.  Opportunities that were either under your nose or formerly missed show up in your face! 

A whole new set of events begin to take place that help you reach your destination a lot faster than planned.  And it is possible that all of the steps and processes you thought you had to take along the path, you may in fact skip.

The  simple fact is this:  Whatever your desire or goal – just start toward it.  As the Nike ad says ” Just Do It!”