Are you the Michelangelo of your life?

One of the more profound statements that I recall from the hit movie  ‘The Secret’  was from Doctor Joe Vitale who said:  ” You are the Michelangelo of your own life.  The David you are sculpting is you”.

The secret to those who achieve and see their goals realized and those who don’t, actually lies within the phrase above!  We often feel that our lives are beyond our control and a mysterious force has pre-determined who is going to get what they want and who is not and that luck has everything to do with it.

 Like Dr Joe Vitale said, we are the Michelangelo of our own lives.  What that means is that we are master creators.  We can deliberately choose.  We, by our intentions properly directed and focused can be what we want and get what we want.   

 Even if our circumstances are abysmal, we can still choose how we respond to our circumstances!  It’s in our choosing the way we respond that we begin to lift ourselves out of the situations that do not please us or make us happy.

And the funny thing is that the simpleset things that we need to do move toward what we want or want to become doesn’t cost a thing!

All you need is to :

  • Know what you want!  That is:  be clear about it to the tiniest detail. 

Let’s say that you were describing the kind of house you wanted.   Let’s say your dream house.  Then I would expect you to give me detail about the house such as:

How big?  what would it be made of? brick or double brick, or cement rendered?  what about the roof?  corrugated iron or tiles?  If it’s tiles, then what kind?  What color?  What about the guttering?  downpipes? What about the flooring?  timber floating floors?  Great!  What kind of wood?  What color? 

What tiles do you want in the kitchen and bathroom?  What color would they be ? What about the vanity, shower and bathtub?  Would you have a spa bath or not?  What about the taps? 

Then there’s the kitchen? Tasmanian Oak or polyurtherane kitchen?   Have you thought about the kind of splashbacks you want and the appliances? If so,  specifically what brand? What about the kitchen bench tops?  Granite or marble? 

Have you thought about  the landscaping around the house?  What kind of plants do you see?  Then how many garages do you see?  Do you have pool?  What size? Is it above ground or in-ground?  Salt water pool or not?  Is there an outdooor living area to enjoy with family and friends?  And what kind of outdoor furniture do you see?

I could go on and on.  The point here is that when you do an exercise in deciding what you want, you need to go into such intricate detail, because the Universe loves detail and will deliver exactly what you ask it for. 

When I went house hunting quite  some years ago I had not been clear  about much other than I wanted a brick veneer home and I wanted timber flooring throughout the entire house.  That was it!  I didn’t think about anything else.  I thought God kinda ‘knew’ what I wanted, so I didn’t offer more than that.

When I bought the home it had carpet throughout the whole house.  It was brick veneer and I was reasonably happy.  I was happy that God got half of my request right.  I didn’t complain.  The day I moved in I wanted to see what was under the carpet because part of it was lifting in one of the bedrooms.  Guess what was under the carpet?  TIMBER FLOORS!

So I know from experience that the Universe will deliver exactly the picture you hold in your mind.  We are indeed the Michelangelo’s of our lives.  We are the creators of that which we hold in our thoughts.  We are constantly creating every minute we are awake. 

Are you the Michelangelo of your life?  What are you creating?

Feeling Good and the Law of Attraction

One of the most powerful yet plain and simple books I have read to date on the Law of Attraction and how to manifest ones desires has to be Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks ( The Teachings of Abraham).

The Law of Attraction says:  That which is like unto itself is drawn.  In other words ‘ like attract like’.  Throughout this inspiring book it often gives reference to aligning to a vibrational frequency and when you do, this in turn begins to bring to you what you desire. 

A practical illustration of radio frequencies is used int the book to help understand what is termed as ‘aligning to a vibrational frequency’.  When you turn on the radio to a particular radio station on the FM band you would expect that what you would receive is that particular station you have tuned into right?  So you would not be expecting a station that is on another frequency right? 

Hence when working towards attracting into your life what you desire, you need to ‘tune into’ so to speak to the vibrational frequency that your desires are on.  Brilliant!

And so how do you do this?

Put your attention on what you desire and as you think about it more and more and more, as you FEEL it as something that is already on it’s way to you, as you emit this vibration, then the Law of Attraction will have no other option than to match your vibration and deliver to you in ways unimaginable to you what it is you desire!

The key then is to imagine having it.  By doing this you raise your vibrational frequency to match what it is you are asking for or desiring.  Think about it, when you have felt less than wonderful, full of doubt and uncertainty have you ever attracted what you wanted? 

The answer is usually NO. 

The way you FEEL is integral in attracting what you desire.  When you are feeling good, you raise your vibrational frequency.  When your vibrational frequency is maintained long enough at that level by way of holding thoughts doubt the things that make you FEEL good, what you desire is attracted to you.  It is Law!

So it is a matter of raising your energy, vibration, frequency and then maintaining it for longer and longer periods.  There are some who can do this without a great deal of effort and these are the people we notice have everything they want in their lives and it appears that what they want simply come to them without any effort.  This is the Law of Attraction.

This Law works without exception. 

You always get what you think about whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  So then the same goes for putting your attention on what it is you lack.  So if for example you put your attention on a better paying job, a better home, a new car, a better relationship and you also resent or don’t like the current job, partner, car, or home you live in, the Law of Attraction will bring you more of the same. 

The Law of Attraction matches the feelings that you emit when you think about what you don’t like or don’t have or lack in your life.  For when you ponder on what you have and don’t want more of,   the signal that comes back at you is more of what you don’t want.

By understanding this underlying principle that we emit a vibrational frequency each time we think particular thoughts, we begin to fully comprehend how possible and easily we can deliberately create our reality and draw to us absolutely anything we want!!

This Law is inexplicably clear and simple. 

Getting What You Want

When we talk about creating our reality through using the tools associated with the Law of Attraction such as affirmations, meditations, vision boards, goal setting etc, we also need to take a look at a key element that without we will fall short of achieving our desired outcome.

It isn’t enough that we DESIRE something, though this is important.  We can go  repeat affirmation after affirmation parrot fashioned.   We can spend endless hours holding a picture in our minds eye.  We can create the most exquisite vision boards and we can be quite specific in setting each goal up step by step.

But even this is not enough.  Back of all of these needs to be an important  element that brings this all together perfectly for you.  And this is, how you FEEL and the emotion you evoke from within you when you either affirm, meditate, visualise  or as you read your list  of goals. 

Grasping how you can better understand the  Law of Attraction works is integral, and perhaps the first step in bringing to you what you desire, be it money, abundance ( and this could be in any part of your life), better relationships, a better house, car, job etc.

When you think about something you want realized in your life you need to feel ‘as if you already have it’.   This may sound a little absurd,however  Universal Intelligence does not understand lack, only YOU do.  So if your affirmation, meditation or visualisation is backed with a sense of  a desperate need, wanting, hoping or wishing ,this will only serve to  block it from you. 

When you obsess on ‘ what you don’t have yet’, you will continue to attract more of ‘what you don’t have’.

Your feelings need to match what you are affirming, meditating upon or visualize.  You cannot do all of these things whilst feeling lousy or experiencing negative feelings.  In order to attract that which you desire, focus on ‘feeling good’ as well as cultivating a feeling of  an ‘inner knowing that you already have what you want now’.