Tell Me Why – Declan Galbraith

In this song young Declan Galbraith asks the question WHY.  There is a clear message here and one that young children are entitled to ask and adults have a responsibility to answer.

The message here is:

Why is there war and poverty?  And why don’t we help?  Why do we stand back, watch and do nothing?  Why are children having guns placed into their hands and sent off to a war that isn’t theirs?

Why are the children not being taken care of?  Why on earth are we ( the responsible adults) not doing about changing the world? 

Why are children being born into governments that have a self-serving agenda and are not recognising the needs of our children who are our future?

Why are governments spending trillions of dollars on arms and plotting to go to war instead of working on world peace, harmony, equality for all, banishing poverty and starvation and disease?

Why are atrocities such as human child trafficking still in existence?  Why is this allowed? 

Why are we sitting on the couch watching a silly sitcom instead of being pro-active about helping our children change our world?

I too would like to know why???

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Wealth- it begins in the imagination

Imagination is more important than knowledge”  Albert Einstein.

I had dropped in to visit a friend one Saturday afternoon and as we were talking about the usual things like our families, work, and so  had asked him if he had remembered to play the 15 million lottery for that evening as I knew he’d never miss out on doing. 

He answered “No, are you kidding?  What on earth would I do with 15 million dollars? I just couldn’t imagine having that much money”.  He opted not to play the lottery that evening because the pool prize of 15 million dollars was more than he could imagine having.  It was just simply unthinkable!

It was at that precise moment I had an epiphany about wealth, our imagination and the law of attraction!

What exactly is imagination?  Imagination is the ability to form mental images or visualise what has clearly not arrived in the physical plane yet!   Our imagination ( using visualisation) is integral in attracting what we want into our lives. 

We attract that which we can mentally accept.  This is why practical goal setting is so important for beginners.  Starting with realistic goals – ones that we can mentally accept is very important.  It would be futile to start off with goals that we could not imagine possible or would not seem achievable – to you.

For example:

It would be far easier to accept that in 12 months time you could be earning twice the income you are earning now.  This to the mind seems a far more realistic  goal than imagining you will be an instant millionaire  overnight.  That is more wishful thinking and given that we usually back wishful thinking with negative emotions such as disbelief, this would not be possible.

However this does not mean it is not possible.  But if you can’t imagine it so, then it will not be so!

Creation began in the imagination.  It was first conceived in the mind.  And as with anything in our lives that we create it all begins in our minds, in our imaginations before it manifests in our 3D world.

We only needs to look at our inventors,or read their life stories to discover that they all had a common denominator – and that is that they concieved their inventions in their imagination first!  They had seen in their minds eye, the very object of their desire, even before they could crystallize it into a real tangible object!

If something existed in one’s imagination, in ones mind then it was just a matter of time before it became real.  For the universal law of creation works like this:  all you need to do is hold the mental image  in your mind for long enough  until it becomes your reality.

Without the imaginations of our inventors  who held in their minds the pictures or ideas of what they wanted to create, as well as their burning desire to succeed and not accept defeat, no matter how many times they seemed to ‘fail’,we would not have the commodities, conveniences, comforts, technology and lifestyle we have today.

In our imagination resides the seeds of our wildest dreams, hopes and aspirations.  the seeds of our future reality.  We draw unto us that which we hold in our minds – the law of attraction.  We mould our reality based on our thoughts.  Our outer experiences are always created in our imagination first!

As children we used our imagination to conjure up anything we wanted.  And didn’t seem so easy then?  As children we did not see the barriers – not that there are any, but as we grew we were conditioned to believe otherwise.

Our imagination is by far the most valuable tool that we have at our disposal.  It is by this process we create our reality – that which we want to see realized in our lives.

Manifest through Dreaming

I want to take you back to a place we have all been in our lives – your childhood.  It was in this state that we dreamed the most amazing dreams.  It was in this state we believed in magic and of the infinite possibilities.  It was in this state that we  dared to dream whatever we wanted and no one could stop us!

I have vivid recollections of my own childhood where I dared to dream that I was a composer, writer and teacher.  I saw my future in my dreams and I dreamt it over and over again in my head until it came to pass.  No one ever told me that it was not possible.

Children have the ability to visualise their desires and refrain from ‘wanting’. If we ‘want’ something we are affirming that we have a lack of it on an emotional level.  Remember when we were children and we didn’t start our sentences with ‘I want to be”?.  what did we say instead?  ” When I grow up I AM going to have this or I AM going to be this or that or the other etc”.  You remember that?  I certainly do!!

I AM is the present moment tense.  As children we lived in the NOW.  We saw in our mind’s eye exactly what we wanted. We used visualisationwithout even realising it.  And the sadness came about when society, culture, religion, traditions ‘taught’ us otherwise, or to put it more precisely – ‘conditioned us’. 

Today we know of the power of visualisation and the magnificent energy that a dream can bring about in our lives. when we were children all we needed was our imagination.  We dreamt about it all the time.  We just KNEW that it could and would happen without doubt. 

Be like a child again.  Dare to dream and manifest your desires through the art of visualiszation.