Empower Yourself- tiny changes mean huge results

Motivational speaker and international best-selling author of books such as Unlimited Power- The New Science of Personal Achievement and Awaken the Giant within – Tony Robbins discusses how making the tiniest changes can yield huge results.

These changes that Tony discusses, is in relation  to the way we view things, a shift in our thinking and in making this shift it literally changes our world.

Tony speaks about how incantations (not to be confused with affirmations) are so much more effective because we not only speak it but embody it with all the intensity we have.  Doing this repeatedly allows it to stick in your head. 

Tony’s philosophy is:  ” if you don’t change your physiology you won’t change anything”.

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Changing From Within

I am certain we have all heard of the doomsday rumours predicted for our beautiful world. I don’t claim to be a visionary who has insight to the future and can without doubt forecast where we are headed. Certainly like a parent who notices a deadly path their child is on, the writing would be on the wall, would it not? You would know without doubt that if they continue with unsavoury friends, relationships, and an unhealthy lifestyle, you would certainly know where it would lead.

And so it is with our earth – mother earth –and her resources. Do we need scientists to predict that if we continue on our path of utter abuse of the earths’ resources and abuse of our animals, land and devaluation of human life by killing, that we shall create balance, peace and harmony? What are we thinking? Who are we kidding? It doesn’t take rocket science to work our where we’re headed.

But can we do something to turn it around or are we doomed no matter what we do? Is humanity truly condemned? I believe that our lives are not predestined for us. Each day that we are fortunate enough to wake up, we have in front of us a new opportunity to create our day. And this just doesn’t ‘happen’ by some twist of fate or wishful thinking. It clearly is something we need to begin working on – starting from within, starting with ourselves.

Through meditation, by going within, finding that glorious space that you can eventually slip into easily over time and with consistent practise, you begin to draw to yourself more desirable circumstances, events, people and things into your life. Through meditation, you access that part of you that is connected to your Source, the part of you that can co-create your outer reality into something joyous, blissful, balanced and harmonious.

Now stop and think for a moment what a beautiful world it would be if we all took a few minutes each day to work on changing from within. Now open your eyes…….. And behold your new world!