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Flaunting sex appeal is a way of life in Italy.  But now there is a rebellion.  60% of the Italian TV audience is made up of women!  The Italian media is presenting vulgar images of women with silicone lips, breasts and thighs and call this beauty.

Italian women are now protesting the culture of sexism that is being promoted on Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s  three television stations ( for those who didn’t know he runs the media as well!!)

Barely clad sexy women who are known as the “veline” are a special feature of the entertainment empire that has made Berlusconi one of the world’s wealthiest men. 

Lorella Zanardo – a Milan businesswoman has dedicated a tremendous amount of time to raise awareness about how Italian television views women’s bodies.  Her documentary Il Corpo Delle Donne has received worldwide media coverage with nearly one million views.

When Lorella Zanardo takes her 25 minute video around to schools she asks girls what it is they want to be when they grow up.  For girls between the ages 16 to 17 the answer is often to be a “velina”.

In this short video Lorella asks the question to all women ” who are we?”, ” what do we want?” and ” why aren’t all Italian women in the streets protesting against the way they are being represented?”

Why indeed?

If we as women are to empower ourselves, if we want to change the way we are viewed then we have to accept taking some responsibility in making those changes.

Refuse to be part of the industry that promotes a distorted view on what women should look like.  This is not to say that we should not work towards looking  our absolute best.    But there is a vast difference between working on maintaining a healthy body both on the inside and  out and subjecting oneself to ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery to live up to an ‘image’ of beauty that has been determined by the media.

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Women and plastic surgery!

Did you know that 12 million people undergo plastic surgery each year and that 90%, yes 90% of them are women!!

This is a staggering figure and nothing could me more audible than these figures  to demonstrate  how women feel about their appearance.  The search for the elixir of youth, the anti-aging pill, creams and procedures to make them look ever more youthful than before continues to grow.

I am all in favor of looking at ones absolute best.  I’m the first person to do whatever it takes to ensure  I experience optimum health and I go to great lengths to care for my body and health.  With a nutritionist in the family, I have both a wealth of knowledge and the best advice.

However, what is it that drives women to look younger and younger to the point of plastic surgery?  And how much plastic surgery?

I believe there is an enormous amount of pressure for women to look consistently younger and younger and this is driving women of all ages towards some form of cosmetic surgery.

And what are the reasons?  What pressures are bringing this about? 

One of the pressures ( at least one that I am experiencing and have seen others experience) is that which comes from our workforce.  Older women are being replaced with younger women.  Do you know how many women do not disclose their ages on their CV?  And why are women feeling that they cannot disclose their ages?

For fear of not being selected for the job because of their ‘age’, because they would be deemed ‘too old’ for the job or gone past their ‘use by date’.  More and more women are working far longer than ever before in the history of time.  More women are still working full time well into their sixties.  However a ‘younger looking’  woman has the advantage over a woman who ‘looks her age’ ( if there is such a thing). 

Another pressure that seems to be driving women to cosmetic surgery is that of the need to  ‘keep her man interested in her’.  I have known countless women who have felt the need to have nip and tucks and all sorts of procedures ( painful as they can be) in their desperate attempt to  ‘ hold onto’ their man, or keep his interests in them alive.

This is sad indeed that women, or any woman for that matter feels that she would be loved less if she did not go under the knife for some cutting and pasting.  Fact is, if your man needs you to do this ‘for him’, to ‘make him happy’, then you may have to question your relationship.

I have seen many women on a first hand basis do just this.  Lift this or that, nip and tuck this and the other, endure a great deal of pain from several procedures all for the sake of ‘making the other one happy’ because he is dissatisfied with the hips that are too big, the thighs that are not the right size, the derriere that is too big, the breasts that are not large enough, the tummy that is not tight and the legs that are not long enough.

Remember these simple rules to finding lasting and real happiness:

  1. Self love is the greatest love of all. 
  2.  Finding lasting happiness is something that comes from within.
  3.  Loving and accepting of yourself is the first step to a ‘real relationship’ . 
  4.  You need to love the image you see in the mirror and when you do, so will others. 
  5.  If we look for imperfections we will certainly find them.
  6. Take care of your body to the best of your ability.
  7. Look for the beauty each day that you already have both inside and out!