Choices – Inspiration and Motivation

Sometimes life throws us curve balls that are unforseen and it is during these times that we can easily lose our faith, hope and passion.    Experience has served to teach us that during these especially challenging times we need to find that which inspires and motivates us.

The the words from Patrick M Power’s Everyday Wisdom  is sure to re-ignite your belief  in your dreams and aspirations.  The underlying message in this video is to believe in your potential and that basically there are only two things that create your dreams:

1.  Your choices

2. Your committment to those choices.

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Empower Yourself

Learn to empower yourself through realizing that the power to create your life is already within your grasp.  There is nothing phenomenal about this process, in fact  it’s really quite simple.

As humans we have a tendency to make things so very complicated and some of us have underlying beliefs or ideas that the key to self empowerment is ‘out there’ somewhere in the unknown and we have yet to discover it.

In the coming weeks I will begin to outline a simple process in the form of steps to help you empower yourself.

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Empower Yourself – through smarter shopping

You can’t imagine how you can empower yourself through smarter shopping?  Easy! 

It seems that every time you turn the television on to watch the news or whenever you pick up a newspaper or magazine there is a message that gets thrown in our faces about the ever-increasing prices of food.

And the way the media delivers this information to us is in such a way as to make us feel as if we are not empowered to do anything about it. 

I hardly watch the news as a rule, however this evening I was visiting with a relative who was watching the evening news and it seems that the supermarket giants ( namely Woolworths and Coles here in Australia) have the consumers right where they want them – or so it seems.

Consumers are paying ‘through the nose’ prices and as the media conveys this message is do so as to make consumers feel they have absolutely no control over this situation and are not empowered to do anything about it.

Fact is as consumers we have an opportunity here to take back our power from these giants who seemingly have us where they want us – in their supermarkets paying more for less.

I grew up in the sixties where it was quite common to go to the local grower for our produce, get the milk delivered from the milkman and the bread delivered daily to your doorstep.  We would go to the butcher for meat and the fish market for fish and in the late 70’s I used to go fishing down to the George’s River which wasn’t far from my home.

The consumer today still has many choices available to them to save money on the average grocery bills and all it takes is a little time and a little effort.

Here are some ideas that you may want to consider which will both save you money on your family grocery bills and make you feel as if it is YOU who is in charge and not a victim of the supermarket giants.

  • There are many local growers of fresh produce that take their products to the local markets.  All you need to do is find out where and when these markets are held.  Being local, their produce is remarkably fresher than the stores as it is usually picked the day before or just a couple of days prior to selling. 

These markets quite often have more than just fresh produce .  In fact you may find some that have almost everything you can get in your supermarket and most of them at bargain prices!

  • Support your local small businesses like the local butcher and bakeries. 
  • Find other clever ways to save money on food by learning to make some basic things yourself such as mayonnaise dressings, salad dressings, sauces, pickled foods and even baby foods.  These are costly items in the store and you can make them in less time than it has taken me to write this post for a fraction of the price and minus all the unnecessary sugars, salts and preservatives.
  • The latest craze at the moment in shopping without spending a cent is known as ‘swap shopping’.  People feel so empowered when they can take an item or items they no longer want or need and swap them for items they do want.  These are being conducted in all areas and is suprising successful – particularly women’s fashion.  Can you imagine how many happy husbands are out there now when their wives come home from a day of clothes swapping shopping and haven’t spent a cent?

It seems to be easier to head down to the one huge store where everything you want is under one roof  and it takes a courageous person to stand up to the supermarket giants and  decide to embark on making that extra effort to discover clever and creative ways to save money.

The money you save is yours and this gives you a sense of  empowerment and control over your money and finances.

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Goal Setting Tips

Some of the best goal setting tips are not a set of complicated instructions, do’s and dont’s, but rather realistic and basic steps that are easy to achieve.

Though we may not realise it, we set goals every day of our lives.  Most of us have a daily and weekly set of goals. And we have these to ensure we get things done and tick them off when we have achieved them or carried them out.

More than a decade ago I spoke to a female health practitioner and discussed how I didn’t feel I was getting things done.  But what was more disturbing for me was that I felt overwhelmed and had too much to do all at once.

She taught me the value in making the effort to purchase a diary that would easily fit in my handbag and organise in order of priority my daily list and weekly list.  I would break the weekly goals up throughout the week so as to not feel overwhelmed.

Each day I would draw a red line through each goal I achieved throughout the day even if the aim for that day was to make an appointment, follow-up a call or email, go to the post office to pay a bill or do the shopping.

At the end of each day I would view my list and notice just how much I did accomplish.  At the end of the week I would view the entire week’s list and be astounded at just how much I was getting done. 

Charting my progress enabled me to actually see how much I was in fact completing and gave me the confidence to set larger  and more long-term goals. 

Goal setting is helpful  with both short-term as well as  long-term focus and motivation.  Most of us have goals in our minds – we have an ‘idea’ of what we want , however in order to realise those ideas we hold in our mind we need to set clearly defined goals so that we can monitor our progress. 

However the most basics and more important steps of goal setting involve deciding what you really want to do or what to achieve, then breaking down the goals into manageable targets whilst maintaining a realistic time frame. 

Consider the following pointers to help you establish your goals:

  • It’s a good idea to set short-term goals first and then write down your long-term goals
  • Set a realistic time frame for your goals
  • Start with a daily or weekly goal as this will give you a sense of achievement and accomplishment
  • Once you have set your goal begin to think about what action you will or can take towards that goal e.g. you may want to be a beauty therapist.  Consider some of the things you may need to do to achieve this. 

You will need to consider several things if this is the case.  Getting a trainee-ship in the industry would be helpful.  Attending an accredited course and undertaking study would certainly be required.    If the course requires fees you would need an action plan of how you afford to pay for it.    You may need to consider working part-time – hence requiring you to look for employment. 

This is what is considered taking action.  In saying this ,it is amazing to notice that as you move towards your goal with a plan of action, you set your self in alignment with what you desire.  It is highly probably that opportunities to meet you goal present themselves to you without a great deal of effort on your part.  And that is because you have set yourself on a particular path and things begin to show up out of nowhere.

This is called or known as ‘raising your vibration’.  As a result of your conscious decision to move toward your goal by taking action and steps toward it, your personal ‘energy’ shifts taking it to another level – a level where ‘like attracts like’ and more of what you want starts showing up in your life.
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