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Empower Yourself – through weightloss

How do you empower yourself through weight loss?

Quite simply any action you take to direct and control your life or a situation in your life  begins to empowers you. When you make deliberate choices to improve your life, to take positive action or steps to make changes where your health is concerned, and in this case the choice to lose weight, it rids you of the old thinking patterns that kept your weight on in the first place.

Dr Wayne W Dyer talks with Ellen DeGeneres about his new book ‘Excuses Be Gone’ and also shares his own personal experience about his own  ‘excuses’  about the excess weight he was carrying around- some 15-17 extra pounds of extra weight.

And Dr Dyer initially made all kinds of excuses for why he had this extra weight.  He considered it to be ‘ man weight’ or the ‘age factor’ ( something that happens as a result of being a certain age).  Dr Dyer continued to keep this weight until he began to challenge those underlying thoughts and beliefs that he had about his excess weight.

Dr Dyer outlines that we use many excuses for our choices such as:

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too fat
  • It’s going to take a long time
  • I’m too scared
  • It’s going to be difficult

This is just a pattern of thinking that is so ingrained into our psyche that it is difficult ( but not impossible) to change or re-program our thinking.

If our thinking affects our life then ” what we think about expands”.  So the key here is to make better choices in what we think! 

I have been on the journey to lose weight and it is all of the above as Dr Dyer mentioned.  It’s difficult, its a lot of work, it’s effort, it’s about being consistent, disciplined and very focused.  Most of us are in the ” hurry up brigade’ and want to lose it right now and without it costing us anything. 

In putting in a substantial effort and being consistent with lifestyle changes as well as changing our thinking ( and this includes getting rid of all the excuses that we can’t do it and replacing it with why we can and the benefits of it) then we become empowered. 

Begin your journey today and empower yourself through weight loss!

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  1. i guess that water is the most important part for weight loss

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