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Inspirational Women

When we get one of those days where we think we have been dealt a raw deal and feel  unmotivated and unable to ‘snap out of ‘ feeling sorry for ourselves or depressed,  take a moment to look into the life of a woman who from birth had to face insurmountable obstacles and challenges that in spite of them became one of the worlds most inspirational women.

At  the age of 4 Wilma Rudolph’s life became nothing short of an uphill battle when she contracted polio – a disease that affects the central nervous system and left her crippled.  Doctors said that Wilma would never walk . 

Determined that nothing would stop her and with the support of her family not only did Wilma walk but she ran!

In 1955 when she was just 16 years of age she qualified for the Olympics that were held in Melbourne Australia and went back to the USA with a Bronze medal.  In 1960 she headed for the Olympics in Rome where she took home 3 gold medals and broke world records. 

Wilma Rudolph set world records, was named female athlete of the year in 1960 by the Associated Press,  was hailed the fastest woman in history in 1960 and inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame  in 1994.

Apart from her sporting achievements  Wilma broke through gender barriers on the track and field where it was once dominated by males.

 Wilma Rudolph’s  inspirational life serves to remind us that if we have enough determination and will power NOTHING can stop you from chasing your dream. 

Wilma not only one of the world’s most inspirational women, but a legend and a hero.

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