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The Power of Women

In many of the poverty-stricken parts of the world, women sadly are not permitted to have a significant role in their society.  This means that their knowledge and talents and strength that could be used to improve their conditions is lost.

Fortunately, CARE is an organisation that focuses on empowering women worldwide through community projects such as an innovative micro-loan programs to help women turn indigenous crafts and talents into products they can export.

CARE also focuses on building and supporting schools that teach the girls alongside the boys as well. CARE is working towards creating a world where every person has equal opportunity to realize their hidden potential. 

With your help we can end the injustice and poverty through empowering our greatest resource – The Power of  Women.

The following is the transcript of the above  advertisement from Care.org that pulled at my heartstrings and captured my attention.

” There is a natural resource that exists everywhere on the planet that could improve conditions and help end poverty, yet it has been largely ignored.  That resource is women.  In may of the world’s poorest communities, women are denied a significant role.  So often their talent and potential remain untapped.”

” It is a source of power the world can no longer afford to overlook.  She has the power to change her world.  You have the power to help her do it.  Call or visit Care.org.”

It is this advertisement that made me realize how very fortunate we are  in our western culture for the simple things we often take for granted. It made me grateful for what we would conisder insignificant.   It does not take a great deal to on our part to help these women change their worlds not only for themselves but for their sons and daughters. 

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