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The Secret behind Masterchef Julie Goodwin’s win!

It was no surprise that Julie  Goodwin, mother of three from New South Wales’ Central Coast, was announced Australia’s first Masterchef in the television series that has been coning into Australian homes nightly over the past weeks.

I say it was no surprise because anyone who had watched it carefully ( as I did), would have noticed in Julie the elements and qualities of a woman who had decided from the outset that she was in it to win it.

Many times throughout the television series when contestants were interviewed and asked questions and asked to  talked about themselves, their desire, passion, vision and so forth, Julie stood out.

I don’t know how many times I recall Julie talking about her little dream restaurant that she intended to open up on the Central Coast, and the kind of cuisine she intended to offer.  One of the most remembered comment she made was that she cooks from the heart and that she puts everything into her cooking. 

 Her passion, her love for food, the joy she gets from cooking meal and watching explosions of smiles on people’s faces as they taste her glorious food, are what she loves the most about cooking.

So what made Julie stand out above anyone else?

Julie had a CLEAR VISION of what she wanted.  She dreamed of winning this challenge before her.  She placed herself in the environment she needed to to get where she wanted to go.  She had a burning desire to realise her dream.  She could literally taste the victory.  She imagined herself winning it, regardless of the odds. 

When Julie had been asked by Donna Hay about what the title of her cookbook would be if she won and to give a brief description of how she would set it out, she gave such a detailed account, chapter by chapter,so much so that the adjudicators as well as Donna Hay could not help but see it as a tangible object.  In fact, Donna Hay was so excited about it that she said she could see it and wanted a copy of her book. 

The two competitors were asked the same question and the same vivid explanation was not offered. 

Quite often we have dreams and our dreams dissipate into thin air and we wonder why.  We often wonder if it is just a mater of bad timing, bad luck, raw deal, not God’s will, however it is none of these things.

Our desires need to be backed with a burning desire.  So intense should be our desire that we begin to move toward it by putting ourselves in the appropriate environment.  For example, one may want to be an actress.  Wishing to be an actress and doing nothing about it isn’t going to get you anywhere. 

However, having a plan on how you can start your journey toward it for example:  joining a local theatre group would place you right where you need to be.  If you’re out in the middle of the country on a cattle farm, you are hardly going to be ‘noticed’, right?

Besides having a plan you need to be committed to it.  Stay focused and on target for as long as it is going to take you.  I remember an interview with the great John Farnham ( one of Australia’s singing icons) where he was asked how he felt about his sudden fame. 

John answered that his fame was not sudden at all.  He had a one-hit wonder when he was just a young lad with ‘Sadie the cleaning lady’, and after that nothing for two decades!  In the meantime he worked a normal job, raising a family and still pursuing his dream.  One day John was offered lead singer in ‘The Little River Band’ and of course, the rest is history and we here in the land of OZ refer to him as  ‘ Lightnin’ Jack ‘.

He persisted for 20 years.  You see, when you talk to people who have had a best selling album, book, career, you may notice that one of the underlying reasons for their success is persistence. 

The road to realising your dream is a journey.  If it takes you twenty or thirty years, you keep the vision clear in your mind and in your heart.  Never give up and stay on course.  Don’t let anyone distract you or tell you that ‘you can’t ‘.

It really is that simple!

4 Responses

  1. Just watching this program in NZ at the moment, and I am mind boggled as to how this lady won the contest.Home cook yes, Masterchef a long way from it.She appears as a fumbling, messy, sweaty Mumsie.No chef. GAWD.This is Australias best.hmmmmm.

    • Hi there Dianne!
      Thanks for your comment and I am glad to see you have the program in New Zealand. I really feel Julie won the contest because she always saw the end result. She always gave a vivid description of her vision for her restaurant and did not leave out any detail. It was her cookbook idea that won the judges over. The others had a dream, had a clue, but never gave the same clarity. As for the contest, Masterchef is about finding the ordinary home cook and giving them the opportunities and teaching them the skills that will eventually lead them to be Australia’s Masterchef.

  2. Sorry i don’t agree with you. She was more than ordinary, her food was never cooked properly. Blood oozing from the undercooked lamb. No sorry there were a lot better cooks than Julie Goodwin. I have never bought the Australian Women’s weekly since, I couldn’t stand seeing her every day receipes that i already have.
    This year 2010, has far better talent, and Julie wouldn’t even fit in with this group. I got fed up with her crying every episode too.

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