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Getting What You Want

When we talk about creating our reality through using the tools associated with the Law of Attraction such as affirmations, meditations, vision boards, goal setting etc, we also need to take a look at a key element that without we will fall short of achieving our desired outcome.

It isn’t enough that we DESIRE something, though this is important.  We can go  repeat affirmation after affirmation parrot fashioned.   We can spend endless hours holding a picture in our minds eye.  We can create the most exquisite vision boards and we can be quite specific in setting each goal up step by step.

But even this is not enough.  Back of all of these needs to be an important  element that brings this all together perfectly for you.  And this is, how you FEEL and the emotion you evoke from within you when you either affirm, meditate, visualise  or as you read your list  of goals. 

Grasping how you can better understand the  Law of Attraction works is integral, and perhaps the first step in bringing to you what you desire, be it money, abundance ( and this could be in any part of your life), better relationships, a better house, car, job etc.

When you think about something you want realized in your life you need to feel ‘as if you already have it’.   This may sound a little absurd,however  Universal Intelligence does not understand lack, only YOU do.  So if your affirmation, meditation or visualisation is backed with a sense of  a desperate need, wanting, hoping or wishing ,this will only serve to  block it from you. 

When you obsess on ‘ what you don’t have yet’, you will continue to attract more of ‘what you don’t have’.

Your feelings need to match what you are affirming, meditating upon or visualize.  You cannot do all of these things whilst feeling lousy or experiencing negative feelings.  In order to attract that which you desire, focus on ‘feeling good’ as well as cultivating a feeling of  an ‘inner knowing that you already have what you want now’.

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