An observer of your thoughts

In James Allen’s book  ‘As a man Thinketh” he gives reference to the effect of thought on circumstances like this:

“A man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild;but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth.  If no useful weeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therin and will continue to produce their kind”.

If we are looking to change anything in our lives, be it in our finances, health, relationships or whatever, we need to fist grasp the underlying principle that led us to our current set of circumstances.

Our present circumstances are a direct result of our past thoughts.  We attract that which we secretly harbour or hold in our minds for long enough.  Be it our worst fears that we don’t want or what we love.

Circumstances grow from this;  Our outer world shapes itself according to our inner thoughts.  Before we can change or improve our circumstances, we need to be willing to improve ourselves.

When we begin to stop looking outside of ourselves for the cause of our circumstances, look for the underlying law that regulates our life, accept that our conditions are brought about by ourselves and not by someone else, and that only we can change or alter our conditions, we begin to see the changes we desire.

The underlying principle quite succinctly put is that ” our current thoughts create our future reality”.

Simply Inspirational!

When you’re feeling down and simply need a little inspiration! Absolutely beautiful!

The Secret behind Masterchef Julie Goodwin’s win!

It was no surprise that Julie  Goodwin, mother of three from New South Wales’ Central Coast, was announced Australia’s first Masterchef in the television series that has been coning into Australian homes nightly over the past weeks.

I say it was no surprise because anyone who had watched it carefully ( as I did), would have noticed in Julie the elements and qualities of a woman who had decided from the outset that she was in it to win it.

Many times throughout the television series when contestants were interviewed and asked questions and asked to  talked about themselves, their desire, passion, vision and so forth, Julie stood out.

I don’t know how many times I recall Julie talking about her little dream restaurant that she intended to open up on the Central Coast, and the kind of cuisine she intended to offer.  One of the most remembered comment she made was that she cooks from the heart and that she puts everything into her cooking. 

 Her passion, her love for food, the joy she gets from cooking meal and watching explosions of smiles on people’s faces as they taste her glorious food, are what she loves the most about cooking.

So what made Julie stand out above anyone else?

Julie had a CLEAR VISION of what she wanted.  She dreamed of winning this challenge before her.  She placed herself in the environment she needed to to get where she wanted to go.  She had a burning desire to realise her dream.  She could literally taste the victory.  She imagined herself winning it, regardless of the odds. 

When Julie had been asked by Donna Hay about what the title of her cookbook would be if she won and to give a brief description of how she would set it out, she gave such a detailed account, chapter by chapter,so much so that the adjudicators as well as Donna Hay could not help but see it as a tangible object.  In fact, Donna Hay was so excited about it that she said she could see it and wanted a copy of her book. 

The two competitors were asked the same question and the same vivid explanation was not offered. 

Quite often we have dreams and our dreams dissipate into thin air and we wonder why.  We often wonder if it is just a mater of bad timing, bad luck, raw deal, not God’s will, however it is none of these things.

Our desires need to be backed with a burning desire.  So intense should be our desire that we begin to move toward it by putting ourselves in the appropriate environment.  For example, one may want to be an actress.  Wishing to be an actress and doing nothing about it isn’t going to get you anywhere. 

However, having a plan on how you can start your journey toward it for example:  joining a local theatre group would place you right where you need to be.  If you’re out in the middle of the country on a cattle farm, you are hardly going to be ‘noticed’, right?

Besides having a plan you need to be committed to it.  Stay focused and on target for as long as it is going to take you.  I remember an interview with the great John Farnham ( one of Australia’s singing icons) where he was asked how he felt about his sudden fame. 

John answered that his fame was not sudden at all.  He had a one-hit wonder when he was just a young lad with ‘Sadie the cleaning lady’, and after that nothing for two decades!  In the meantime he worked a normal job, raising a family and still pursuing his dream.  One day John was offered lead singer in ‘The Little River Band’ and of course, the rest is history and we here in the land of OZ refer to him as  ‘ Lightnin’ Jack ‘.

He persisted for 20 years.  You see, when you talk to people who have had a best selling album, book, career, you may notice that one of the underlying reasons for their success is persistence. 

The road to realising your dream is a journey.  If it takes you twenty or thirty years, you keep the vision clear in your mind and in your heart.  Never give up and stay on course.  Don’t let anyone distract you or tell you that ‘you can’t ‘.

It really is that simple!

Happiness after a relationship break-up?

It seems absurd that one can think about happiness just after a relationship break up, right? 

The thing with a relationship break-up is that it leaves you in such a state that you hardly have the strength to go on with your life. Fact is, relationship break-ups can leave you shattered and lifeless.  Your sense of purpose and inspiration vanish.  It leaves you ‘not knowing’ what to do with yourself.

This kind of thinking doesn’t serve you at all.  Yes, a relationship break up or divorce ( either one is just as emotionally painful as the other), can be difficult to recover from, however you can bounce back from it.

Here are some simple steps to help you see things more clearly.

1.  Rather than view your break-up as the end, see it as an opportunity for a new beginning in your life.

2.  Cry or grieve if you must ( and I know in some cases this can be part of a healing process), however do not dwell on it for too long.  Learn to accept what is and that no amount of crying will change anything.

3.  Begin to list the things you have in your life that you are grateful for.  Often when relationships break up, it seems that all your happiness walked out the door.  Not so!  Look around you and take a sincere look at what blessings you still have in your life.

4.  Find tools you can use to help overcome your loss.  Meditation, visualisation, affirmations.  These are all effective tools to help you re-focus and help you regain your sense of inner peace, a sense of balance and harmony.

5.  Do not go looking for ‘happiness‘ in another relationship.  Learn that inner happiness comes firstly from within you.  It is an illusion that your happiness can only be delivered by someone outside of yourself.  It just doesn’t work that way.

6.  If you want to move on with your life, you need to move beyond any past hurt, anger, resentment that you may have toward your former partner or spouse.  Harboring any of these negative emotions only serve to keep  you stuck in the past.

7.  Begin to list all the things that bring you happiness and joy right now that is already present in your life.  focusing on what does make you happy, the things you already have that brings a smile to your face or makes you laugh, will help bring more of the same toward you.  This is the Law of Attraction in action. What you focus on is what you attract more of.

8.  Make time for yourself.  Learn to accept and enjoy doing things on your own.  Learn to love the pleasure of your own company. 

We live in a world where there is a great deal of emphasis on doing things with others, and when you do not have a significant other to do things with, you feel it is ‘unnatural’  and unusual.  Quite the contrary.  I discovered a whole new world quite some years down the track after my own divorce that it was sheer fun to go out and eat dinner alone.

I had no one tell me what I should or should not order, which kind or restaurant I ought to pick to dine at, what time I should eat, what I should wear or what time I should be home.  I had no pressure and  I quite simply had a ball! 

9.  Find something you absolutely love doing, be it reading, painting, playing music, singing, gardening, sewing, knitting, playing sport, studying, bike riding, jogging or anything else that you love doing.  Re-directing your energy in this way as opposed to laying on the lounge under a blanket wallowing in misery is a far better option and will lead to a more positive and happier outcome.

Pierre Dulaine Takes the Lead

Pictured above:  Pierre Dulaine and Antonio Banderras

I was inspired by the movie  ‘Take the Lead’ starring Antonio Banderras who depicted well-known ballroom dancer and dance instructor Pierre Dulaine – who invented the Dulaine method of teaching dance.

It was in 1994 that Pierre volunteered to teach a dance class at a school on West 48th Street in Manhattan.  He did this to  help New York City youth regain a sense of self-respect, elegance and pride.  Dulaine, was already a successful dance instructor with may accolades to his name such as the 1977,1978,1979 and 1882 British Exhibition Championships, to name but a few.

Dulaine’s intention was to give something back to the youth and more importantly a tool they could use to build their self-esteem, self-respect, dignity, pride and most importantly of all – a vision for a better future for themselves.

When interviewed about why he offerred to do this as this was not something he was being paid for, he answered  “Because I was successful and I did what I wanted to do.  I had a lot of fun, a lot of friends and Iwanted to give something back.  I enjoy that.  I find pleaseure in seeing people blossoming and getting out of problems through something that I love very much- which is dancing”.

Getting What You Want

When we talk about creating our reality through using the tools associated with the Law of Attraction such as affirmations, meditations, vision boards, goal setting etc, we also need to take a look at a key element that without we will fall short of achieving our desired outcome.

It isn’t enough that we DESIRE something, though this is important.  We can go  repeat affirmation after affirmation parrot fashioned.   We can spend endless hours holding a picture in our minds eye.  We can create the most exquisite vision boards and we can be quite specific in setting each goal up step by step.

But even this is not enough.  Back of all of these needs to be an important  element that brings this all together perfectly for you.  And this is, how you FEEL and the emotion you evoke from within you when you either affirm, meditate, visualise  or as you read your list  of goals. 

Grasping how you can better understand the  Law of Attraction works is integral, and perhaps the first step in bringing to you what you desire, be it money, abundance ( and this could be in any part of your life), better relationships, a better house, car, job etc.

When you think about something you want realized in your life you need to feel ‘as if you already have it’.   This may sound a little absurd,however  Universal Intelligence does not understand lack, only YOU do.  So if your affirmation, meditation or visualisation is backed with a sense of  a desperate need, wanting, hoping or wishing ,this will only serve to  block it from you. 

When you obsess on ‘ what you don’t have yet’, you will continue to attract more of ‘what you don’t have’.

Your feelings need to match what you are affirming, meditating upon or visualize.  You cannot do all of these things whilst feeling lousy or experiencing negative feelings.  In order to attract that which you desire, focus on ‘feeling good’ as well as cultivating a feeling of  an ‘inner knowing that you already have what you want now’.