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Does money buy happiness?

While I was growing up I had often heard the expression ” we’re poor but we’re happy”.  Well, for the life of me I never quite understood how anyone was happy about being poor.  Fact was, the ones making that statement had a couple or three houses by the sea, a business and several cars – not the cheap used ones either!

One can certainly argue that money can bring a lot into your life and it certainly would bring you much joy,comforts and some wonderful experiences.  But would your happiness, your everyday happiness be dependant on how much money you have or don’t have?

Think about it…………………….say you don’t have a great deal of money right now, or don’t have as much as you would like to have.  Would that mean you wouldn’t be happy, or couldn’t be happy until you had X amount of dollars in your bank account or to your name?

Would you put off being happy for now until you reached your goal of having so much money you wouldn’t know what to do with?

A lot of us have come from a conditioning and belief that money hold the key to our happiness.  Fact is:

  • Happiness has nothing to do with how much money we have or don’t have
  • Happiness   is a state of mind we choose regardless of our circumstances
  • Though we may not always be able to choose our circumstances we can certainly choose the way we respond to them.
  • We can get up in the morning and go to work with a smile on our face and choose to be happy or choose not to be happy. 

Only this morning one of my co-workers asked why I was so happy when the workplace was such a gloomy place at the present moment.  I answered ”  I  can CHOOSE to be happy or unhappy regardless of what is going on around me.”

In choosing to stay in a state of being happy in the moment no matter what is going on, we change our energy.  when we raise our energy or vibration we draw more and more favourable circumstances into our lives.  Hence, we draw more of what we do want and less and less of what we don’t want in our lives.

In being in a place of happiness more and more, we attract higher and higher energy.  We attract better circumstances in our lives, better opportunities and you guessed it………………more money!

So if you want more money in your life, more abundance on every level be happy without having to have a reason!

3 Responses

  1. I agree 100%… happiness is a choice regardless of your circumstances! 🙂

  2. Well said!

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