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Be Happy Now and Attract Money

How often have you heard people say when I get that car, I’ll be happy”, ” when I get my dream house, then I’ll be happy”, ” when we get through this tough time, I’ll be happy”, ” when I win the lottery, I’ll be happy”, “when I get the man of my dreams, then I’ll be happy“,.

It seems that we ”put off’  being happy until we have achieved or arrived at a particular place. 

I have some interesting news for you about attracting wealth!

If you want to attract money into your lives – BE HAPPY RIGHT NOW!

Think about it…………….what do you want the money for anyway?  Sure, you want to buy a nicer home, more clothes, take holidays, get a new car, have a nicer lifestyle, buy more stuff, but ultimately what will the money do for you?

Don’t you want the money so it ultimately makes you happier?  After all isn’t getting all of the above-mentioned  aimed at making you happier?

So then, the purpose of attracting more money into your life is really so that you can be happier right?

The Law of Attraction does not work in this way.  You need to change your mind and decide to be happy in THIS MOMENT, RIGHT NOW.  In being happy NOW, you change your energy, your feelings and being to change your vibrations. 

Remember, the Universe responds to the feelings, the energy, the vibrations that you omitt.  So if you are happy right now in this moment, at this minute, then  you will attract what you desire. 

If you understand that everything is energy and you can appreciate that money is an energy that is osciallating  at a particular wave length – and that oscillation is where you are ‘feeling happy’, then you can comprehend that being in this state or feeling of ‘happiness’ is where you need to be at to attract money!

So then the formula is simple:

1.  Change your mind about needing money to be happy

2.  Decide that you need to be HAPPY NOW to attract money

3.  The Law Of Attraction will now work for you when you are living HAPPY RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT!

One Response

  1. Beautiful article Nancy.. you always hit that darn nail right where it needs to be hit lol..

    love you angel

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