Formula for Creating Wealth


The very fact that you  WANT to attract more money, wealth and abundance is the very reason it evades you!  You see WANTING to the brain implies LACK.  And as you will know the feeling of ‘wanting’  is a strong emotion.  This particular emotion is usually one of desperate need.

If you NEED more wealth and abundance, if you WANT more wealth and abundance you will not attract it merely because you want it  because your wanting   is backed with a feeling of URGENCY.  And so the Universe responds to the feelings or vibrations we omit.  And given that all these emotions I have described above come with a sense of LACK – you get more the same! 

 This is The Law of Attraction working.   So what do you need to do?


You need to begin with changing your mindset and attitudes.   You need to change that part of your brain that has become hardwired by your past repeated thoughts.  And this can be uncomfortable because we are a species that love structure.  To change then will require us to relinquish old thought and behaviour patterns and responses.

To change you will need to undo and break old thought habits, releasing that which no longer serves you.  Having said that you also need to REPLACE the old thought patterns with new ones. 

This is where affirmations or declarations as they have often been referred to work.  Your affirmations need to be statements that resonate within you an ‘absolute belief’ that it IS and not just words you utter parrot fashioned in the ‘hope’ that the Universe will hear you.  The Universe does hear you ALL THE TIME! 

Affirmations need to be specific because the Universe loves DETAIL!  The more details the better! And the clearer you are the easier it will be for the Universe to deliver.

Keep your affirmations in the PRESENT TENSE.  That is affirm in the NOW, not in the future tense such as:

  • I will,
  • I want,
  • I attract or draw into my life etc.

 Rather, start your affirmations by saying:

  • I am gratefulfor the wonderful love relationship I have with my partner or,
  • I am so happy that I am NOW making $250,000 per year.

Do your affimrations on a daily basis.  Write a few that suit your purpose and have them where you can see them.  Have them by your bedside in a frame.   Laminate them and cut out so that you can place them in your handbag, wallet, in your car, on your desk, in your study, on the fridge door and anywhere else that you can think of. 

You don’t necessarily need to repeat them over and over again, but you need to be consistent until you replace the old thoughts that have created lack for you in the past, with the new thoughts that will bring into your life the very things you are affimring.


Michael Jackson – A Blazing Star

Neverland – a children’s paradise, a place to find your inner child. Having been robbed of the opportunity in his own life to live like  a ‘normal’ child, Michael Jackson created Neverland  to recapture those lost years.

Michael Jackson, whose music brought joy to and touched the hearts of   millions, was one of the most influential musical artists of all time selling over 750 million records worldwide. 

The release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album  in 1982 ( which to date is still the largest selling album of all time)   propelled him to a status in the music industry as well as the public arena that has not been seen since Elvis or Princess Diana.

A creative genius whose sound, style and dance moves inspired ensuing generations of soul, pop, R& B and hip hop.  Even his music videos such as  ‘ Billie Jean ‘  ‘ Beat It’  and  ‘ Thriller ‘  of the 1980’s defined the art form of music videos. Micahel Jackson was a creative genius whose music will live for generations to come. 

In an interview some years ago Michael Jackson talked about being at his happiest when he was on stage, in front of his audiences, performing.  This is where Michael Jackson shone, where he felt totally  at one with his life’s purpose.

Happiness isn’t  necessarily the pursuit and acquisition of money but more about living ON PURPOSE, living to your highest potential, living and doing what you love the most.

Michael Jackson was a man who lived ON PURPOSE.  His untimely death was felt by millions around the world.   His work will not be forgotten and without a doubt the next generation will know of his timeless music.

Does money buy happiness?

While I was growing up I had often heard the expression ” we’re poor but we’re happy”.  Well, for the life of me I never quite understood how anyone was happy about being poor.  Fact was, the ones making that statement had a couple or three houses by the sea, a business and several cars – not the cheap used ones either!

One can certainly argue that money can bring a lot into your life and it certainly would bring you much joy,comforts and some wonderful experiences.  But would your happiness, your everyday happiness be dependant on how much money you have or don’t have?

Think about it…………………….say you don’t have a great deal of money right now, or don’t have as much as you would like to have.  Would that mean you wouldn’t be happy, or couldn’t be happy until you had X amount of dollars in your bank account or to your name?

Would you put off being happy for now until you reached your goal of having so much money you wouldn’t know what to do with?

A lot of us have come from a conditioning and belief that money hold the key to our happiness.  Fact is:

  • Happiness has nothing to do with how much money we have or don’t have
  • Happiness   is a state of mind we choose regardless of our circumstances
  • Though we may not always be able to choose our circumstances we can certainly choose the way we respond to them.
  • We can get up in the morning and go to work with a smile on our face and choose to be happy or choose not to be happy. 

Only this morning one of my co-workers asked why I was so happy when the workplace was such a gloomy place at the present moment.  I answered ”  I  can CHOOSE to be happy or unhappy regardless of what is going on around me.”

In choosing to stay in a state of being happy in the moment no matter what is going on, we change our energy.  when we raise our energy or vibration we draw more and more favourable circumstances into our lives.  Hence, we draw more of what we do want and less and less of what we don’t want in our lives.

In being in a place of happiness more and more, we attract higher and higher energy.  We attract better circumstances in our lives, better opportunities and you guessed it………………more money!

So if you want more money in your life, more abundance on every level be happy without having to have a reason!

Be Happy Now and Attract Money

How often have you heard people say when I get that car, I’ll be happy”, ” when I get my dream house, then I’ll be happy”, ” when we get through this tough time, I’ll be happy”, ” when I win the lottery, I’ll be happy”, “when I get the man of my dreams, then I’ll be happy“,.

It seems that we ”put off’  being happy until we have achieved or arrived at a particular place. 

I have some interesting news for you about attracting wealth!

If you want to attract money into your lives – BE HAPPY RIGHT NOW!

Think about it…………….what do you want the money for anyway?  Sure, you want to buy a nicer home, more clothes, take holidays, get a new car, have a nicer lifestyle, buy more stuff, but ultimately what will the money do for you?

Don’t you want the money so it ultimately makes you happier?  After all isn’t getting all of the above-mentioned  aimed at making you happier?

So then, the purpose of attracting more money into your life is really so that you can be happier right?

The Law of Attraction does not work in this way.  You need to change your mind and decide to be happy in THIS MOMENT, RIGHT NOW.  In being happy NOW, you change your energy, your feelings and being to change your vibrations. 

Remember, the Universe responds to the feelings, the energy, the vibrations that you omitt.  So if you are happy right now in this moment, at this minute, then  you will attract what you desire. 

If you understand that everything is energy and you can appreciate that money is an energy that is osciallating  at a particular wave length – and that oscillation is where you are ‘feeling happy’, then you can comprehend that being in this state or feeling of ‘happiness’ is where you need to be at to attract money!

So then the formula is simple:

1.  Change your mind about needing money to be happy

2.  Decide that you need to be HAPPY NOW to attract money

3.  The Law Of Attraction will now work for you when you are living HAPPY RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT!

Women and plastic surgery!

Did you know that 12 million people undergo plastic surgery each year and that 90%, yes 90% of them are women!!

This is a staggering figure and nothing could me more audible than these figures  to demonstrate  how women feel about their appearance.  The search for the elixir of youth, the anti-aging pill, creams and procedures to make them look ever more youthful than before continues to grow.

I am all in favor of looking at ones absolute best.  I’m the first person to do whatever it takes to ensure  I experience optimum health and I go to great lengths to care for my body and health.  With a nutritionist in the family, I have both a wealth of knowledge and the best advice.

However, what is it that drives women to look younger and younger to the point of plastic surgery?  And how much plastic surgery?

I believe there is an enormous amount of pressure for women to look consistently younger and younger and this is driving women of all ages towards some form of cosmetic surgery.

And what are the reasons?  What pressures are bringing this about? 

One of the pressures ( at least one that I am experiencing and have seen others experience) is that which comes from our workforce.  Older women are being replaced with younger women.  Do you know how many women do not disclose their ages on their CV?  And why are women feeling that they cannot disclose their ages?

For fear of not being selected for the job because of their ‘age’, because they would be deemed ‘too old’ for the job or gone past their ‘use by date’.  More and more women are working far longer than ever before in the history of time.  More women are still working full time well into their sixties.  However a ‘younger looking’  woman has the advantage over a woman who ‘looks her age’ ( if there is such a thing). 

Another pressure that seems to be driving women to cosmetic surgery is that of the need to  ‘keep her man interested in her’.  I have known countless women who have felt the need to have nip and tucks and all sorts of procedures ( painful as they can be) in their desperate attempt to  ‘ hold onto’ their man, or keep his interests in them alive.

This is sad indeed that women, or any woman for that matter feels that she would be loved less if she did not go under the knife for some cutting and pasting.  Fact is, if your man needs you to do this ‘for him’, to ‘make him happy’, then you may have to question your relationship.

I have seen many women on a first hand basis do just this.  Lift this or that, nip and tuck this and the other, endure a great deal of pain from several procedures all for the sake of ‘making the other one happy’ because he is dissatisfied with the hips that are too big, the thighs that are not the right size, the derriere that is too big, the breasts that are not large enough, the tummy that is not tight and the legs that are not long enough.

Remember these simple rules to finding lasting and real happiness:

  1. Self love is the greatest love of all. 
  2.  Finding lasting happiness is something that comes from within.
  3.  Loving and accepting of yourself is the first step to a ‘real relationship’ . 
  4.  You need to love the image you see in the mirror and when you do, so will others. 
  5.  If we look for imperfections we will certainly find them.
  6. Take care of your body to the best of your ability.
  7. Look for the beauty each day that you already have both inside and out!

Wealth- it begins in the imagination

Imagination is more important than knowledge”  Albert Einstein.

I had dropped in to visit a friend one Saturday afternoon and as we were talking about the usual things like our families, work, and so  had asked him if he had remembered to play the 15 million lottery for that evening as I knew he’d never miss out on doing. 

He answered “No, are you kidding?  What on earth would I do with 15 million dollars? I just couldn’t imagine having that much money”.  He opted not to play the lottery that evening because the pool prize of 15 million dollars was more than he could imagine having.  It was just simply unthinkable!

It was at that precise moment I had an epiphany about wealth, our imagination and the law of attraction!

What exactly is imagination?  Imagination is the ability to form mental images or visualise what has clearly not arrived in the physical plane yet!   Our imagination ( using visualisation) is integral in attracting what we want into our lives. 

We attract that which we can mentally accept.  This is why practical goal setting is so important for beginners.  Starting with realistic goals – ones that we can mentally accept is very important.  It would be futile to start off with goals that we could not imagine possible or would not seem achievable – to you.

For example:

It would be far easier to accept that in 12 months time you could be earning twice the income you are earning now.  This to the mind seems a far more realistic  goal than imagining you will be an instant millionaire  overnight.  That is more wishful thinking and given that we usually back wishful thinking with negative emotions such as disbelief, this would not be possible.

However this does not mean it is not possible.  But if you can’t imagine it so, then it will not be so!

Creation began in the imagination.  It was first conceived in the mind.  And as with anything in our lives that we create it all begins in our minds, in our imaginations before it manifests in our 3D world.

We only needs to look at our inventors,or read their life stories to discover that they all had a common denominator – and that is that they concieved their inventions in their imagination first!  They had seen in their minds eye, the very object of their desire, even before they could crystallize it into a real tangible object!

If something existed in one’s imagination, in ones mind then it was just a matter of time before it became real.  For the universal law of creation works like this:  all you need to do is hold the mental image  in your mind for long enough  until it becomes your reality.

Without the imaginations of our inventors  who held in their minds the pictures or ideas of what they wanted to create, as well as their burning desire to succeed and not accept defeat, no matter how many times they seemed to ‘fail’,we would not have the commodities, conveniences, comforts, technology and lifestyle we have today.

In our imagination resides the seeds of our wildest dreams, hopes and aspirations.  the seeds of our future reality.  We draw unto us that which we hold in our minds – the law of attraction.  We mould our reality based on our thoughts.  Our outer experiences are always created in our imagination first!

As children we used our imagination to conjure up anything we wanted.  And didn’t seem so easy then?  As children we did not see the barriers – not that there are any, but as we grew we were conditioned to believe otherwise.

Our imagination is by far the most valuable tool that we have at our disposal.  It is by this process we create our reality – that which we want to see realized in our lives.