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Know what you want!

The Law of Attraction succinctly put is : YOU GET WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT!

Some 20 years ago my father was diagnosed with liver cancer and this is when I began to Learn about the power of the Law of Attraction long before I had ever heard of those words Law Of Attraction!

My father refused to believe that he could not overcome it and so checked himself into a holistic clinic in the countryside some two hours drive from where we lived then.

It was here that my father who was removed from anything or anyone that would tell him other than he was going to live and remained in silence for more than 30 days under the careful watch of an amazing team of holistic doctors. Here he fasted for 30 days under strict observation and spent most of his time meditating.

He refused to accept anything other than a positive outcome and though I was still quite young and in my early twenties, I remember my father’s thinking become rather sharp, his senses heightened and a remarkable transformation taking place.

The Law of Attraction is an impartial law that simply IS. It is a Law that works whether you use it or not. If you choose to use it deliberately – then all the better for you. If you do not choose to use it deliberately, then you will end up wherever!
Here are some useful tips on using it more effectively and more deliberately:

1. When you want something from the Universe be clear about what you want. The more specific and clearer the better.
2. Ask for what you want in the PRESENT tense – as if it were already here.
3. Know why you want it. For example, if you want more money, what do you want it for? Do you want a better lifestyle, home, car, holiday. When you KNOW what you want it for it is easier to remain focused.
4. Take Action: Notice any opportunities that may suddenly come your way. follow your ‘gut’ feeling – your intuition.
5. Create a List ora  Vision Board to help you stay focused on your intention. Look at your list or vision board daily.
6. KNOW that it is already on its way to you.
7. Detach from it emotionally. That is: Do not be concerned HOW, WHEN, WHERE it is going to come from. Just trust.

Develop that inner knowing that it is happening NOW!
8. Change any old beliefs or thoughts you have about money. If for example you had the belief instilled in you since you were a child as I had that the only way to acquire money is to work 16 hour days and you had to work pretty hard, then this belief has to go.

Believe that it can come from expected and unexpected sources. Take inspired action towards what you want. I have met many people who have expressed that they would love more money but do not want to do a thing to get it! They would like it to fall from the sky! Do they believe it could happen that way? NO!

Quite simply you can’t get something for nothing. You must have an exchange somewhere. Begin to make an effort towards what you want.   Wishful thinking is hardly enough and in fact is not the same. Wishful thinking is not backed by belief and for most it is backed by disbelief.

Banish doubt! Take a look at your thoughts and your emotions behind your thoughts. Are your emotions in line with your thoughts? Do you believe without a shadow of a doubt that nothing can shake your conviction that you will attract all that you desire?  The Law of Attraction is always working – Believe it or not!


2 Responses

  1. A great statement of the law of attraction. The detachment and changing your beliefs are two steps that are often not included in the discussion. Since the law depends on you being at harmony with your expressed intentions they are important.

    Stating for a certainty your outcome while harboring thoughts of doubt or a belief that it’s really not possible means that you are pulling on the invisible fabric from two directions and that will pull you dream apart rather than completing it.

  2. Great post! It is a perfect summary of everything written on the secret and the law of attraction. Well done.

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