Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT  ( Emotional Freedom Technique) is an emotional version of acupuncture where meridian points are stimulated by tapping on them with your fingertips.   It is a  mind body medicine and acupuncture without the needles. 

EFT is conducted by tapping on specific points on the face and body, combining some verbalising of the problem, followed by an affirmation.

Using these ingredients aid in restoring the balance of the energy system of the mind and body and thus allows the body and mind to heal naturally.

Gary Craig is the founder and designer of EFT and is a personal performance coach in California.  EFT is often referred to as energy psychology and is an effective and gentle technique.

EFT is used not only to heal anything from pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, phobias, fears, emotional issues, but it is now extensively used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction and manifesting abundance!  This is where EFT becomes intersting because it is incredibly effective for releasing mental blocks and limiting beliefs  we have about money and creating wealth!

My first experience of EFT was some years ago when I attended a Level 1 Workshop in Wollongong some 30-40 km south of Sydney conducted by an EFT Master who had been trained by Cary Craig himself.  At this point in my life I had been suffering anxiety issues and I had been searching for methods that were effective without the use of drugs.

What I soon discovered with EFT was that it worked effectively, not only on the specific problem I was having but it affected other areas of my life.  I no longer was the nervous passenger whilst my son was in the driver’s seat while practising his driving skills.  I no longer had fears and phobias that came out of nowhere.  And what was more amazing was that I did not need to continually work on a specific problem over and over again.

Once a problem was gone- it was gone for good!!

How to attract Happiness

I have had enough life experience to be able to know that happiness is a state of mind rather than what you get when you have reached a certain plateau in life.  Happiness is not defined by how much ‘stuff’ we have – though this brings pleasant experiences, it is not the sum total of ‘real happiness’.

Happiness is a state of mind.  A place we choose to be at or not.  Money buys comforts, wonderful experiences, but money does not buy happiness as this is clearly something  that comes from within.  We are either happy or not.

We musn’t confuse gratifying the ego with things outside of us to create our  ‘happiness’.  We have all been in that place where we have a new car, new relationship, holiday, , house, jewellery, clothes, and after a while the joy of this new object has dissipated to boredom.  This is the ego’s way of saying ” I need something new to entertain me and make me feel better”. 

Happiness comes from a place deep inside that permeate your entire being, radiates and extends outward and touches the people around you. True lasting happiness comes from within.

To say that there is a single key element to happiness is incorrect.  And for everyone what specifically makes you or causes you to be happy is different.  For some it may be to simplify your life and de clutter it of things that are just dragging you down.  For some it may be to cut down on spending so you feel like you have more money, thus reducing any stress towards financial issues. 

Others may just want to work on thinking and speaking more positively, and then there are those who feel that happiness stems from meditating, getting into a relaxed state regularly.

There are numerous ways we can reach this space we call happiness. 

When you find yourself in a place where you don’t feel happy do something to make yourself feel happy. Do simple things like meditating, reading, exercising, or just doing something that brings you much joy and fulfillment.  For as long as you stay in a state of unhappiness you will continue to attract more of it.  This is the law of attraction in action. 

 The more miserable you are, the more you dwell on whatever circumstances or situation that you ‘think’ is causing your unhappiness, then the more of the same stuff will show up in your life.

Our conditioning has been such from childhood that happiness is something that ‘others’ provide for us.  How many relationships suffer because they are dependant on the other person to ‘make then happy’?

How often do you hear others say that this person or that person, or this situation or that situation is directly responsible for their unhappiness?

We place an enormous emphasis on happiness being something that is beyond our reach or ‘out there somewhere’ outside of us.

I found myself in a hospital for many weeks after a serious breakdown some 15 years ago and in my determined effort to change my life, I began my own form of ‘happiness therapy’.  I would get up from my bed quite late in the evening, take long baths in the patient bathroom with lavender and bubble bath.  Go into the kitchen and make myself my favourite food ( Vegemite sandwich of course), ask the theatre nurses who weren’t busy to take me for a ride on the operating theatre gurneys around the building.

I needed to find ways to create my happiness from a hospital bed.  And I did.  I just wanted to be happy again and I intuitively knew that this was not going to come from outside of ME.

Begin to find simple things you can do to bring laughter and happiness into your world.  As you do, more happiness comes your way without a great deal of effort and you begin to attract into your life more joy, more fulfilment and so much more happiness that you imagined possible.

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Manifest through Dreaming

I want to take you back to a place we have all been in our lives – your childhood.  It was in this state that we dreamed the most amazing dreams.  It was in this state we believed in magic and of the infinite possibilities.  It was in this state that we  dared to dream whatever we wanted and no one could stop us!

I have vivid recollections of my own childhood where I dared to dream that I was a composer, writer and teacher.  I saw my future in my dreams and I dreamt it over and over again in my head until it came to pass.  No one ever told me that it was not possible.

Children have the ability to visualise their desires and refrain from ‘wanting’. If we ‘want’ something we are affirming that we have a lack of it on an emotional level.  Remember when we were children and we didn’t start our sentences with ‘I want to be”?.  what did we say instead?  ” When I grow up I AM going to have this or I AM going to be this or that or the other etc”.  You remember that?  I certainly do!!

I AM is the present moment tense.  As children we lived in the NOW.  We saw in our mind’s eye exactly what we wanted. We used visualisationwithout even realising it.  And the sadness came about when society, culture, religion, traditions ‘taught’ us otherwise, or to put it more precisely – ‘conditioned us’. 

Today we know of the power of visualisation and the magnificent energy that a dream can bring about in our lives. when we were children all we needed was our imagination.  We dreamt about it all the time.  We just KNEW that it could and would happen without doubt. 

Be like a child again.  Dare to dream and manifest your desires through the art of visualiszation.

The mystery of life

“To the average person life is an enigma, a deep mystery, a complex, an incomprehensible problem, or appears so, but it is very simple if one holds the key. Mystery is only another name for ignorance; all things are mysteries when they are not understood, but when we understand life, it no longer appears mysterious.”

As I was reading these words today from Working With The Law by Raymond Holliwell, I could not help but recall a time when life for me seemed to be an enigma, a deep mystery as Holliwell describes it.
It was not until my mid thirties I had a mental shift and realised that what I held foremost in my mind created my outer reality.

For this reason I have come to believe that this Law of Thinking long before I had heard of this term or read about it, is by far one of the most powerful laws in the universe.  Our mind is a powerful force, perhaps one of the most powerful forces we know.

As Bob Proctor says ” thought waves are cosmic waves that penetrate all time and space”.

In essence this law states that what we mentally dwell on will continue to show up in our lives over and over and over again.
If we continue to dwell upon thoughts of lack, fear of losing our jobs, fear of being cut back from work, fear of losing someone in a relationship, fear of losing money, fear of getting sick, these conditions will gravitate towards us and manifest in conditions in our life.

Keep in mind that whatever you think in your mind are seeds that will grow. Good or bad thoughts, whatever they be, will sprout out into your world. And if you want good seeds to grow, plant good thoughts. As for the bad thoughts, replace these thoughts .

As Holliwell writes ” As we replace the thoughts that are as weeds, they will die of their natural selves, for such weeds die from lack of cultivation. As long as we allow things to seem real to us, we are putting our energy into it. We are nurturing it; we are feeding it; we are keeping it alive; we are putting our faith into that things, whether we lie it or not, and it must naturally grow, for the Law of growth is ever working to produce whatever seed plant.

Thinking is something that flows though us continually. There isn’t a moment nor even a microsecond that we are NOT thinking. If our thoughts are scattered, we serve only to cause for ourselves confusion and much unhappiness.

Now one can see the value in needing to collect our thoughts and harness and control our thoughts.  For if we harness it; in other words discipline ourselves to a more constructive state of thinking then we will not be victims of what is quite often termed ‘bad luck’ or a ‘raw deal’. There is no such thing.

Once we begin to comprehend this we can fully appreciate what Holliwell means when he says that ” life no longer appears mysterious”.

Know what you want!

The Law of Attraction succinctly put is : YOU GET WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT!

Some 20 years ago my father was diagnosed with liver cancer and this is when I began to Learn about the power of the Law of Attraction long before I had ever heard of those words Law Of Attraction!

My father refused to believe that he could not overcome it and so checked himself into a holistic clinic in the countryside some two hours drive from where we lived then.

It was here that my father who was removed from anything or anyone that would tell him other than he was going to live and remained in silence for more than 30 days under the careful watch of an amazing team of holistic doctors. Here he fasted for 30 days under strict observation and spent most of his time meditating.

He refused to accept anything other than a positive outcome and though I was still quite young and in my early twenties, I remember my father’s thinking become rather sharp, his senses heightened and a remarkable transformation taking place.

The Law of Attraction is an impartial law that simply IS. It is a Law that works whether you use it or not. If you choose to use it deliberately – then all the better for you. If you do not choose to use it deliberately, then you will end up wherever!
Here are some useful tips on using it more effectively and more deliberately:

1. When you want something from the Universe be clear about what you want. The more specific and clearer the better.
2. Ask for what you want in the PRESENT tense – as if it were already here.
3. Know why you want it. For example, if you want more money, what do you want it for? Do you want a better lifestyle, home, car, holiday. When you KNOW what you want it for it is easier to remain focused.
4. Take Action: Notice any opportunities that may suddenly come your way. follow your ‘gut’ feeling – your intuition.
5. Create a List ora  Vision Board to help you stay focused on your intention. Look at your list or vision board daily.
6. KNOW that it is already on its way to you.
7. Detach from it emotionally. That is: Do not be concerned HOW, WHEN, WHERE it is going to come from. Just trust.

Develop that inner knowing that it is happening NOW!
8. Change any old beliefs or thoughts you have about money. If for example you had the belief instilled in you since you were a child as I had that the only way to acquire money is to work 16 hour days and you had to work pretty hard, then this belief has to go.

Believe that it can come from expected and unexpected sources. Take inspired action towards what you want. I have met many people who have expressed that they would love more money but do not want to do a thing to get it! They would like it to fall from the sky! Do they believe it could happen that way? NO!

Quite simply you can’t get something for nothing. You must have an exchange somewhere. Begin to make an effort towards what you want.   Wishful thinking is hardly enough and in fact is not the same. Wishful thinking is not backed by belief and for most it is backed by disbelief.

Banish doubt! Take a look at your thoughts and your emotions behind your thoughts. Are your emotions in line with your thoughts? Do you believe without a shadow of a doubt that nothing can shake your conviction that you will attract all that you desire?  The Law of Attraction is always working – Believe it or not!

Visualise with a Vision Board


Everyone comes into this world with a clear mind, and a belief that everything is possible. All is positive and well.

Remember as a child, you could do and become everything, without any boundaries!  As we grow up however, we pick up beliefs, fears and limitations from our surroundings and peers that gradually form the person we are today. A lot of these beliefs unfortunately are negative and as we build our lives they limit us in our actions and being.

Very often they therefore contribute to unhappiness or feeling unfulfilled in our lives and business. It can be the smallest –seemingly harmless- remark from a mother like “just let me handle that, you are no good at that” that can convince you that you are not good at a certain task.

A teacher who calls a pupil “the clumsy one” can do more harm with this remark than he realizes when repeated often enough. With every remark the belief is harnessed further in the child that it indeed is clumsy. Even though a remark is said with a smile or with the intent to be funny, it still leaves a legacy in the belief system. This programming of course doesn’t stop at adulthood; it keeps influencing people in all stages of life.

We are being influenced by our parents, kids, partner, friends, colleagues, television, newspapers, and magazines and so on. Sometimes in a positive, but very often in a negative way. No wonder we limit ourselves in so many ways! Belief is the key to your success. If you belief you can do something, you can.

If you belief you can’t do something, you will be right too. The good news is: we can “reprogram” our mind and replace our negative, limiting beliefs for positive contributing ones. Positive brainwashing is what I like to call it!

This can be done by the use of so called “affirmations”. An affirmation is a positive self talk statement, stated in the present tense that covers a goal you want to achieve and that ‘overrules’ negative beliefs towards that goal. An example is “I easily do 10 sales calls a day”. Or “I am an excellent negotiator”. By stating this affirmation regularly during your day, you will achieve the goal you have set for yourself easier.

 This positive self talk helps your mind to overcome beliefs that you have about yourself, that limit your success and actions. Compare our mind with a computer: when you change the input, the output will change accordingly. So if you have the limiting belief that you are no good in public speaking (probably because of negative experiences in the past) you can actually reprogram your mind by stating the following affirmation: “ I am an excellent public speaker. I love to speak for huge audiences and people love to hear me talk”.

By affirming this belief over and over, you actually start to believe it and your mind will find a way to make this statement a reality. At some stage, you might decide to do a course in public speaking, or someone might ask you to speak at some kind of seminar, which forces you to work on your speaking skills.

Somehow, these affirmations help you to reach the ‘goal’ you have set for yourself and open doors for you that would otherwise have been kept closed. And this works for virtually everything. Belief and it will happen. Imagine standing for a big river, with a heavy stream. You have to cross it, but you don’t think you can actually do it.

Your belief is keeping you from crossing, although you physically should be able to do it easily. It just looks too hard! Then someone else comes up from behind you, and without thinking starts crossing the river and gets to the other side. His belief was positive, and he knew he could do it.

The interesting thing is that this will probably influence your belief: “if he can do it, I can do it too” and you will then cross the river without any problem at all. Similar things happen when a group of people is introduced to the phenomenon of fire walking.  At first a big group of people will say that there is no way they will walk on fire.

Until…other people with higher beliefs go first, then all of a sudden everyone else rushes over to do it as well. So think about YOUR beliefs, and try to discover which belief are actually holding you back from reaching your full potential in your life. Then, one by one, start eliminating these beliefs from your system.

Formulate an affirmation that counters your negative belief, and re affirm it daily. Write them in your diary, on your bathroom mirror, next to your computer; anywhere you see it often and say the affirmation out loud as often as possible. You will be happily surprised by the results!

Another powerful way to manifest your goals is by visualizing them. By looking at a picture of your goal or dream daily with a strong desire, you will start attracting them in your life. A brilliant visualization tool that can help you to create and maintain your affirmations and visualizations in a very powerful way is a software program called ” Vision Board.

Use this fantastic tool to create a Vision Board with self chosen pictures and your personally formulated affirmations, which will help you to achieve the goals you have set in your life or business.

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4th Step Toward Riches

As I was travelling to Sydney for the Mind Body Spirit Festival where I was promoting my latest work recently, I pulled out my favourite book from my handbag and began reading Chapter 5 of  ‘Think and Grow Rich’. 

It is titled  ‘Personal Experiences or Observations’.  It was by far no coincidence that I just happened to read that particular chapter because the information in that chapter was vital to what I would experience those few days at Sydney.

Napoleon Hill discusses that there are two kinds of knowledge: one is general and the other is specialized.  General knowledge, regardless of how much of it you may have, is of little use in the accumulation of money.  You only need to look at teachers – they have a wealth of information, yet do not possess the equivalent in money.

And something of significance that Napoleon Hill touches on is how educational institutions were not teaching  children are not taught  “HOW TO ORGANIZE AND USE KNOWLEDGE AFTER THEY ACQUIRE IT!’  If Napoleon was here today I would tell him ” not much has changed today!”

In this chapter 4th step toward riches, Napoleon gave many examples of people who did not necessarily posses the knowledge they required, however were clever enough  to call on the expertise of those that did have the knowledge. 

In fact he tells of a story about Henry Ford who had little ‘schooling’ and during WorldWar II, a Chicago newspaper published certain editorials in which Henry Ford was called ” an ignorant pacifist”.

Mr Ford took great objection to this and brought a law suit against the paper for this.  When he was tried in Court Mr Ford was placed on the witness stand by the lawyers for the paper so that they could ‘prove’ that Mr Ford was in fact an ignorant man.

So a series of questions began such as ” who was Benedict Arnold?”, How many soldiers did the British send over the America to put down the Rebellions of 1776?” and finally after a considerable amount of questions Mr Ford became tired of this.

In reply to a particularly offensive question Mr Ford answered:

” If I should really WANT to answer the foolish question you have just asked, or any of the other questions you have been asking me, let me remind you that I have a row of electric push-buttons on my desk, and by pushing the right button, I can summon to my aid men who can answer ANY question I desire to ask concerning the business to which I am devoting most of my efforts.  Now, will you kindly tell me WHY I should clutter up my mind with general knowledge, for the purpose of being able to answer questions, when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I require?”

Of course at that point every person in the courtroom had just realized that this was clearly not the answer of an ignorant man.  Any person who knows where to get knowledge when they need it, how to organize it into definite plans of action is truly an educated person.

So in short, it pays to know where to get the information you require – do your homework, research, observations so to speak. 

I used this information as I made my way through the convention centre that Friday morning at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival.  I made observations of what attracted people to a particular stall or person, what they walked straight past.  I talked with nearly every person who was selling or promoting a product or products. 

I literally took notes, asked questions, asked for phone numbers, emails, contacts and whatever other information I felt was pertinent and would be of use to me in the future for marketing.  You see I have little if any marketing skills, but like Henry Ford I do know that it pays to know WHERE to get knowledge when I need it, and HOW to organize it into definite plans of action.