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One of the more inspiring stores that Napoleon Hill mentions in his book ‘Think And Grow Rich’ is that of a man who wen in search of gold in the gold rush days in America. 

This man – an uncle of R.U Darby, went west to ‘DIG AND GROW RICH’.    He staked a claim and started to dig with a pick and a shovel.  It was tough going but his desire for gold was certain. 

After several weeks of digging he discovered the shining ore.  He now needed machinery to bring this to the surface as he had gone as far as he could manually.

He covered up his mine, and went back to his hometown of Williamsburg, Maryland to tell his relatives and some neighbours of his discovery.  Between them they got the money they needed for the  machinery.

The uncle and Darby  returned to the mine to resume digging with the newly purchased equipment.  The first car of ore that had been mined was shipped to a smelter where it proved that they had one of the richest mines in Colorado.    They only needed a few more of the same to be clear of their debts.  After that it would all be profits, profits, profits!!

Of course they continued drilling  until something happened!  The vein of Gold had suddenly vanished.  it seemed that they had hit the end and the gold was no more.  Desperately they continued to drill but they didn’t seem to be successful at picking up the vein of Gold again.

They decided to call it quits and sold the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars.  Darby and his uncle took the train back home.

This ‘junk’ man wasn’t silly.  He called a mining engineer to have a look at the mine and do some calculating for him.  The engineer told him that the only reason that the project had failed was because the owners didn’t know anything about the ‘fault lines’. 

He advised him that the vein of gold should be some three feet from where the Darby’s had stopped drilling!  How rich did the junk man become?   He took in millions of dollars from that mine because he was clever enough to seek expert counsel before throwing his arms up in the air and giving up. 

How many times have we done this in our own lives?  How many times have we given up on our dream, our desire that is merely a few feet away because defeat overtakes us.  The easiest thing to do when the going gets tough is to QUIT.  This is what most do. 

Before success comes we are often met with defeat.  Are you going to quit and give up or look for that vein of gold?

One Response

  1. well i for one am never going to stop looking for that vein of Gold. Quitting is easy, Perserverence pays off!!

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