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What is your burning desire?

What sets people like Shaheen Jararghol in the video apart from anyone else?  How is it he has reached fame so early in life and some are still wandering like bits of driftwood in a river?

I am intrigued every time I see people who have ‘suddenly’ found fame and I see a definite pattern in all of them. People like Paul Potts and Susan Bolye who have also found instant fame through the famous television series Britain’s Got Talent, have all had the SAME common denominator. 

And it’s found within anyone who realizes their wildest dreams. 

The secret is in two words:  BURNING DESIRE.  Napoleon Hill, author of   “Think and Grow Rich” mentions this consistently throughout his book. 

However, what we may not often be aware of is the defeat or obstacles that some who have found success have had to deal with beforehand.

Napoleon Hill talks about the great Barnes  when he teamed up  with Thomas Edison who had absolutely nothing except the capacity to   “KNOW WHAT HE WANTED, AND THE DETERMINATION TO STAND BY THAT DESIRE UNTIL HE REALIZED IT”.

Napoleon Hill gives mention to this   “CONSUMING OBSESSION AND BURNING DESIRE”.   “DEFINITE DESIRE”  as he so often refers it.

How clear are we about what we want?  Is it definite?  Is it all you think about day and night? Is it the only thing you see in front of you when you wake up each morning.  Is it still there when you have been defeated so many times, when you have failed repeatedly? Is it always beconing you? 

Do you smell it?  Feel it?  Believe it with every fibre of your being?  Would you make whatever sacrifices for it you would need in order to achieve it? Would you work diligently for it as long as it required without giving up?

If you cannot see it, feel it and believe it then you will not get it. 

This is The Secret Formula in a nutshell so to speak, and if you take a moment to speak to anyone who has realized their dreams, it  did not merely happen from sheer luck but a desire they had planted like a seed in the ground that they nurtured and nourished consistently regardless of the odds. 

This is The Law Of Attraction at work as well.  For The Law of Attraction works like this:  it is a blind theory/universal law that works whether you choose to believe in it or not.  You attract what you think and feel.  And in doing this you create your own reality. 

When you limit your beliefs, you limit what you attract.  If you believe anything is possible then for you the sky is the limit.  This is the common denominator amongst the highly successful people and those who suddenly have their ultimate dreams realized.   The Law of Attraction is not a phenomenon, but more a law that has been existing since the beginning of time.  We have not known how to use it to our advantage!  Though some clearly do! 

And for those who do, they will not know how NOT to get everything they have dreamed about!

For the young 12 year old in the video above ( Shaheen Jaraghol) it was about choosing the RIGHT song that changed his life. 

What is your song?  Your greatest love, your greatest passion, your BURNING DESIRE?


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  1. “It may take courage to embrace the possibilities of your own potential, but once you’ve flown past the summit of your fears, nothing will seem impossible. ”

    See and enjoy this inspirational video:

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