One of the more inspiring stores that Napoleon Hill mentions in his book ‘Think And Grow Rich’ is that of a man who wen in search of gold in the gold rush days in America. 

This man – an uncle of R.U Darby, went west to ‘DIG AND GROW RICH’.    He staked a claim and started to dig with a pick and a shovel.  It was tough going but his desire for gold was certain. 

After several weeks of digging he discovered the shining ore.  He now needed machinery to bring this to the surface as he had gone as far as he could manually.

He covered up his mine, and went back to his hometown of Williamsburg, Maryland to tell his relatives and some neighbours of his discovery.  Between them they got the money they needed for the  machinery.

The uncle and Darby  returned to the mine to resume digging with the newly purchased equipment.  The first car of ore that had been mined was shipped to a smelter where it proved that they had one of the richest mines in Colorado.    They only needed a few more of the same to be clear of their debts.  After that it would all be profits, profits, profits!!

Of course they continued drilling  until something happened!  The vein of Gold had suddenly vanished.  it seemed that they had hit the end and the gold was no more.  Desperately they continued to drill but they didn’t seem to be successful at picking up the vein of Gold again.

They decided to call it quits and sold the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars.  Darby and his uncle took the train back home.

This ‘junk’ man wasn’t silly.  He called a mining engineer to have a look at the mine and do some calculating for him.  The engineer told him that the only reason that the project had failed was because the owners didn’t know anything about the ‘fault lines’. 

He advised him that the vein of gold should be some three feet from where the Darby’s had stopped drilling!  How rich did the junk man become?   He took in millions of dollars from that mine because he was clever enough to seek expert counsel before throwing his arms up in the air and giving up. 

How many times have we done this in our own lives?  How many times have we given up on our dream, our desire that is merely a few feet away because defeat overtakes us.  The easiest thing to do when the going gets tough is to QUIT.  This is what most do. 

Before success comes we are often met with defeat.  Are you going to quit and give up or look for that vein of gold?

What is your burning desire?

What sets people like Shaheen Jararghol in the video apart from anyone else?  How is it he has reached fame so early in life and some are still wandering like bits of driftwood in a river?

I am intrigued every time I see people who have ‘suddenly’ found fame and I see a definite pattern in all of them. People like Paul Potts and Susan Bolye who have also found instant fame through the famous television series Britain’s Got Talent, have all had the SAME common denominator. 

And it’s found within anyone who realizes their wildest dreams. 

The secret is in two words:  BURNING DESIRE.  Napoleon Hill, author of   “Think and Grow Rich” mentions this consistently throughout his book. 

However, what we may not often be aware of is the defeat or obstacles that some who have found success have had to deal with beforehand.

Napoleon Hill talks about the great Barnes  when he teamed up  with Thomas Edison who had absolutely nothing except the capacity to   “KNOW WHAT HE WANTED, AND THE DETERMINATION TO STAND BY THAT DESIRE UNTIL HE REALIZED IT”.

Napoleon Hill gives mention to this   “CONSUMING OBSESSION AND BURNING DESIRE”.   “DEFINITE DESIRE”  as he so often refers it.

How clear are we about what we want?  Is it definite?  Is it all you think about day and night? Is it the only thing you see in front of you when you wake up each morning.  Is it still there when you have been defeated so many times, when you have failed repeatedly? Is it always beconing you? 

Do you smell it?  Feel it?  Believe it with every fibre of your being?  Would you make whatever sacrifices for it you would need in order to achieve it? Would you work diligently for it as long as it required without giving up?

If you cannot see it, feel it and believe it then you will not get it. 

This is The Secret Formula in a nutshell so to speak, and if you take a moment to speak to anyone who has realized their dreams, it  did not merely happen from sheer luck but a desire they had planted like a seed in the ground that they nurtured and nourished consistently regardless of the odds. 

This is The Law Of Attraction at work as well.  For The Law of Attraction works like this:  it is a blind theory/universal law that works whether you choose to believe in it or not.  You attract what you think and feel.  And in doing this you create your own reality. 

When you limit your beliefs, you limit what you attract.  If you believe anything is possible then for you the sky is the limit.  This is the common denominator amongst the highly successful people and those who suddenly have their ultimate dreams realized.   The Law of Attraction is not a phenomenon, but more a law that has been existing since the beginning of time.  We have not known how to use it to our advantage!  Though some clearly do! 

And for those who do, they will not know how NOT to get everything they have dreamed about!

For the young 12 year old in the video above ( Shaheen Jaraghol) it was about choosing the RIGHT song that changed his life. 

What is your song?  Your greatest love, your greatest passion, your BURNING DESIRE?

A Woman To Inspire Us All

Hazel   is a dynamic EMPOWERED Woman.  Hazel is Mayor of Mississauga one of the largest cities in Canada and not only is the city DEBT FREE but has 700 million dollars in reserves!!!  This lady knows how to save her pennies!!

We can learn a great deal from this delightful wise woman, who is 88 years young, active, healthy, has her wits clearly in tact, governs a city, ice skates, not only does business but keeps the city out of debt and there is plenty of surplus  for ‘just in case’ and has been Mayor for 31 years.

Hazel is  an inspiration to women and men alike.

Why you can’t judge a book by its cover


Susan Boyle had a childhood dream since she was 12 years that she had always wanted to sing in front of a large audience.  She finally got her opportunity in this years  ‘ Britain’s Got Talent.’

The crowd could not help to react cynically when Susan announced to Simon Cowell that it has been her dream to be a professional singer – in fact to be as successful as Elaine Paige no less.

When asked by Simon Cowell “why hasn’t it worked out for you dear”  she replied ” because no-one has ever given me a chance before – so here’s hoping it will change”.

Too often we are judgemental and too assuming of ones capabilities or talents because of their appearances or the ‘package’ is not quite right and especially in the recording industry  ‘image is everything’.  This is what sells records – according to the recording label companies. 

However the truth is that surprises come in the most unexpected packages, and this is one case where one should not judge a book by its cover.  Susan sings from Les Miserables ‘ I dreamed a dream’ – a song that is quite befitting to her own personal story , her  dream,  to become as successful as Elaine Paige – and she will at that!

An Empowered Woman

Santo and Bree Calarco, father and daughter, tell their story of their mission work with orphans in South Africa. Email; rocsan7@bigpond.com Phone; +61404029822 .

Missionaries Santo and daughter Bree talk about an exceptional woman named Irene Moon, who is in her sixties who heads an orphanage in South Africa -which has no building as such, but takes care of children, the elderly and anyone who needs assistance.  As Santo points out in this very informative video, Irene does not expect handouts but he together with his daughter are working towards giving Irene and the orphanage a ‘hand-up’.   If anyone can help- please contact either Santo or Rochelle at the email above. 

Attracting Mr Right

One of the most frequent questions I get asked a great deal by women is ” why do I seem to attract the wrong kind of guy? And why can’t I attract Mr Right?”.

The Law of Attraction is always at work in our lives and when you have just come out of a bad or unhealthy relationship, you will need to ask yourself ” How have I attracted this into my life”?

For the person you are with at this moment, YOU have attracted into your life – be it Mr Wonderful or Loser!
Be certain that The Law Of Attraction is a Law that is impartial and it works whether or not you believe it is there. Belief has nothing to do with it.

One of the common denominators that the women who seem to keep attracting the wrong guy is that they all have a lack of self respect, self-confidence and poor self-esteem.

When a woman does not see her self as worthy, beautiful, attractive, confident, then she begins to ‘take what she can get’ so to speak. And I’ve seen this a lot. Some women will say quite often that “he made me feel this way, he made me feel ugly, he made me feel stupid, worthless, unattractive and so on”.
However, when someone makes you feel less than you are it is YOU who is giving your personal power away. No one can make you feel anything that you do not want them to. It is a choice. You can ALLOW someone to make you feel inadequate. You ALLOW someone to make you feel less than beautiful, intelligent and worthy.

The Law of Attraction is responding to your thoughts- what you think. This doesn’t mean that you are deliberately sending out messages that you deserve to be treated unfairly or poorly in your realtionship, however somewhere on a deeper level, you do not feel you worthy and hence you just get whatever lands in your lap.
The Law of Attraction will send you whatever you feel you are worthy of. Change the way you see yourself, respect who you are, nurture and take care of you body for YOU. Value the beautiful person that you are and most importantly LOVE yourself first.

Then notice that when you have made those inner changes within your own thinking the universe will send you the perfect match!

The Secret and The Law Of Attraction

I had always been aware of the Law Of Attractionthroughout most of my life and have used it since I was more or less a very small child. 

It was something that had been taught to me from my parents but more-so by my father.  I would always play ‘make-believe’ and as a young girl of about 5 or 6 years of age I already knew what I wanted to do – write!

I set this Law of Attraction in motion by activating it through games that I would play with my younger sister.  I did not have any toys and not for the lack of money but more-so because my parents did not see value in them.

I would take an empty biscuit cardboard box, turn it upside down, cut a small slit in the bottom, thread a piece of paper ( to simulate a typewriter), write the letters and numbers of the alphabet on the box in coloured crayons and away I would go, pretending to type.

It was not until I was in my late 20’s that I purchased a manual typewriter – the ones that still used ribbons and it was much later still until I could purchased an electronic typewriter. 

Of course when Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’ was aired in Australia a couple of years ago, I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about- after all, the ideas of visualising what I wanted, thinking about what I wanted to attract into my life and feeling as if I already had it was nothing short of ‘natural’ to me. 

Fact is:   The Law Of Attraction is quite simply a law of nature.  Impartial and impersonal and indeed precise.  It gives you exactly what you ask for be it garbage or roses!

So how do we ensure that we get the roses and not the garbage? 

 Now that is another Secret- something for another post!!