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Empower Yourself during Menopause

I  can recall stories my mother would recount to me over and over again about the women in her village who seemingly suffered with afflictions the doctors could neither diagnose or treat.

Though she too was a very young woman living in Calabria in the South of Italy she vividly remembers the house in the mountains which could only be reached by foot, where these women were exiled, forgotten and left to suffer without remedy for a phase in a woman’s life we no have come to know as Menopause.

And for some today the word menopause creates in a lot of women’s minds the idea that they are ageing, growing old, and will endure symptoms  beyond her control ranging from  hot and cold flushes to deep depression.

However with the vast knowledge that is literally at our disposal – at our fingertips to be more precise – click of a button, women can empower themselves with the knowledge that is available to make this transition from the end of a era in her life toward a brand new beginning of another.

Elaine Hollingsworth is the director of Hippocrates Health Centre in Queensland Australia.  Elaine teaches self-responsibility where one’s health is concerned.  A former Hollywood actress, she lectures on health issues.  Elaine has written a comprehensive book titled “Take Control Of Your Health- and escape the sickness industry.

Elaine writes a most comprehensive chapter dedicated to Menopause and more importantly the dangers of synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapies including detailing the potential side effects of such.

She offers much valuable information, options and alternatives that are based on extensive research and proven to be just as if not as effective as the synthetic aids. 

Elaine writes “the only way women can learn about these life saving substances is through what Dr Lee calls ‘the women’s network’ which is one of the reasons I have written this book.  I am alerting you.  Each one of you can then alert then friends……………..then they alert their friends.  The women’s network is a powerful weapon, and it’s the only one we have to use against the hugely powerful, immensely wealthy multinational drug companies, who are unconcerned about the damage they are doing to women in the name of the bottom line.  The most creative force in the world is the menopausal woman with zest”.

With an informed decision, women can take back control of ‘the meopausal’ years and make these the most liberating, joyful and empowering time of their lives.

Elaine’s book  Take Control Of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry is published by Empowerment Press International and available through  www.doctorsaredangerous.com






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