Ho’oponopono is a simple process of letting go of any toxic energies within you and allowing a new space for the healing power of your Divine Thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

A Day In The Life Of Nancy Wylde

A day at home and on the farm, cooking, teaching music, spending time with family and just having fun. This really is one of the many typical days in my life. Believe it or not!

Sunscreen Song

This is a song by Baz Luhrman ( Director of the movie “Australia”, starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman). It came out some 14 or 15 years ago and it is a sensible message that points out how silly it is to worry about life. 

I was inspired by this song when it aired on the radio and after listening to it, it made me realise that we worry about ‘small stuff’ and usually about stuff that never quite eventuates anyway.  It is about our life’s journey- what is important, what is not.  About guilt, love, jealousy, how to treat our fellow man, respect, all the maybe’s and maybe nots, choices we make, choices we don’t make, fear, living, dying and on and on it goes.

My favourite line is ” Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly”.The moral of the story is this:  At the end of the day, you only need to worry about ONE thing- whether or not you put enough sunscreen on or not!


Change – You Gotta Work For It

In my efforts to take a much needed break from my computer this evening I ventured to the television set with my bowl of vegetable and lentil minestrone soup and sat down on my sofa to watch Australia’s version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. The final 70 dancers were in an elimination round and one of the dancers was asked to step up so that he could be rendered his verdict- Stay for the next round or it’s bye bye for you!

One of the adjudicators asked this young dancer an interesting question. Given that this dancer had attempted his hand at the competition one year earlier and was unsuccessful, he asked him ” Between last year and now, over the past twelve months, what have you done to improve your technical skills as a dancer?” His answer was a simple ” nothing”. ” And for this reason” the adjudicator answered,” we are sending you home. You cannot go further in this competition”. ” Mate”, he concluded “if you really want to win this competition, if you have enough passion for dancing, you gotta work for it”. I had an AHA moment!

Here was a person, just like most of us, who thought that by merely turning up one year later to the same spot, things would be different and that this time he would succeed- without any effort- by some chance.
Have you ever found yourself in a place in life, in a situation or in circumstances that you are not happy with? Have you been there year after year after year, without any changes to where you are, to your situation or circumstances? Have you done anything different? How can we expect things to be different if we are not prepared to make whatever changes are necessary in order to achieve a particular goal or outcome?

One of the most integral changes I dicuss in my book Ticket to Freedom – A Self-Empowerment Guide For Women is changing our thought patterns. For without this most important first step in the process toward getting what you want in life, nothing else will work for you.
Change – You gotta Work For It!